Upperclass Summer Projects 2012

These upperclass Monroe research proposals have been approved for summer 2012.  Click on the name to go to their blog posts.

Melissa Alim
Organizing and Participatory Development in Paraiso, Dominican Republic
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology 

David Alpert
Putting the Holy in the Holy Land:  Jewish and Muslim Religious Claims to Israel
Advisor: Tamara Sonn, Religious Studies

Katherine Arcement
The Marvel: A Novella
Advisor: Brian Castleberry, English

Olivia Armstrong
Apartheid in the Arts: How Apartheid in South Africa Affected the Nation’s Choreographers & Dancers
Advisor: Leah Glenn, Theatre, Speech, and Dance

Emily Bainwol
Functional Analysis of SODI Mutation Contributing to ALS Onset
Advisor: Randolph Coleman, Chemistry

Casey Basham
Cultural Epidemiology: The Intersection of Carrion's Disease and Culture in Quechua Society
Advisor: Scott Ickes, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Kaitlyn Bergen
Comparative Ethnic Discrepancies in Levels of Public Health Knowledge
Advisor: Scott Ickes, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Thomas Bettge
Epistemological Power in The Birth of Tragedy
Advisor: Robert Leventhal, Modern Languages & Literatures

Matthew Blum
Generic Game Engine for Dynamic Person Vs. Person Games for Use on theAndroid Platform
Advisor: Peter Kemper, Computer Science

Katherine Brown
The Reconstruction of History and Processes of Self-Legitimation in the Chronicles of Chimalpahin and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
Advisor: Jorge Terukina, Modern Languages & Literartures

Graham Bryant
A Sherlockian History: The Development of America's Oddest Literary Society
Advisor: Jane Ashworth, English

Brooke Carr
Life Writing: The Journey of Creating a Memoir
Advisor: Lisa Grimes, Charles Center

Taylor Charest
Public Health Needs and Non-Governmental Organizations
Advisor: Scott Ickes, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Alexander Chartrain
Axonal Trafficking Model of Huntington’s Disease
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Wenfan Chen
Comparing Attitudes Towards Illegal Chinese Immigration from the Fujian Province in Recent Decades Between the United States and Chinese Governments
Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura, History

Samuel Clamons
Fully Automated Quantitative Image Analysis of Cells
Advisor: Xipeng Shen

Alexandra Clayton
The Relative Effectiveness of Positive Reinforcement versus Negative Reinforcement in the Training of Horses
Advisor: Beverly Sher, Biology

John Cobb
State Immigration Policies and their Effects on Labor and Voting Behavior
Advisor: Larry Evans, Government

Vivian Cooper
The Art of Medical Interpretation: Service-Learning on the Eastern Shore
Advisor: Jonathan Arries, Modern Languages & Literatures

Alexander Cousins
My City, My Home, My Life
Advisor: Erin Minear, English

Patrick Dittamo
Musical Architecture in the Savoy Operas: Seeking the Serious in the Comedic
Advisor: Brian Hulse, Music

Nicole Dory
The Role of the Media’s Sexualization and Portrayal of Female Athletes on Gender Equality in Sport
Advisor: John Charles, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Gloria Driessnack
The Ghanaian Life of Health: An Ethnographical Survey in the Rural Community of Fodome-Ahor Uncovering the Shared Understandings of Important Health Topics
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology

Matthew Dziuban
The Water Crisis in Jordan: The History, Present, and Potential Future of the Problem
Advisor: Lisa Anderson, Economics

Elise Elwood 
Effect of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone on Luteinizing Hormone in Peromyscus leucopus and the Impact on Fertility
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Biology

Crosby Enright
The Closed Fist and the Open Hand: The Poetry of Rafael Alberti
Advisor: Francie Cate-Arries, Modern Languages & Literatures 

Jonathan Ettinger
Dos mil doce: Latin American Mass Media and the U.S. Presidential Election
Advisor: Silvia Tandeciarz, Modern Languages & Literatures

Laura Faircloth
L2 Acquisition of Arabic Phonemes
Advisor: Erin Ament, English

Taylor Feenstra
The Focus of the 2012 Congressional Campaigns: on the Candidate or the President?
Advisor: Larry Evans, Government 

Jonathan Fischer
Model of Neurogenesis in Songbirds
Advisor: Jianjun Tian, Mathematics

Ryan Fowler
Assessing the Fairness of the Fair Tax: A Comparison of the Social Agendas of the 9-9-9 Plan with the Current Federal Income Tax System
Advisor: James Smith, Business

Niall Garrahan
Open Land Utility: A Study of Conservation and Ecosystem Services in Boise, Idaho
Advisor: Robert Hicks, Economics

Anna Glendening 
The Psychology and Sociology of Extreme Couponing
Advisor: Tom Linneman, Sociology

Ethan Golab
The Economics of Contemporary Nationalism
Advisor: Colin Jones, Business 

Rebecca Grimsley
Film as a Tool of Memory: A Portrayal of Soviet Political Leaders through Genre Studies
Advisor: Erin Ament, English

Sarah Hakkenberg
The Effects of Soil Acidification and Moisture on Salamander Symbionts and Pathogens
Advisor: Randy Chambers, Environmental Science & Policy

Dana Hayes
From Silver Screen to Small Screen: The Development of Narrative Complexity in Modern Puzzle Films and Television
Advisor: Colleen Kennedy, English

Adam Haynes 
The Role of Visualization, Concept Mapping, and Motor Programs in Recall
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Economics

Jennifer Hays 
Collider Signals of the Bosonic Technicolor Model of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Advisor: Christopher Carone, Physics

Rachel Heideman
Considering Student Learning Styles in English as a Second Language Education: A Case Study in Copan Ruinas, Honduras
Advisor: Katherine Kulick, Modern Languages & Literatures 

Libby Hennemuth
Partnership under Pressure: The Future of Chinese-Latin American Relations
Advisor: Dennis Smith, Government

Wendy Herbst
Analysis of the Upstream Regulatory Elements in Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Genes in Xenopus tropicalis and laevis
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology 

Arlo Hollingshad 
Assembly and Testing of an Ultra-High Vacuum Cryogenic Chamber for Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash, Physics

Michelle Huettl
The Evolution of Beauty and the Beast: A Study of the Prominent Tellings through History
Advisor: Richard Lowry, English

Claire Jackson
Repeated Form in Ceramic Design
Advisor: Michael Jabbur, Art & Art History

James Janopaul-Naylor 
Characterization of Inspiratory Rhythm with a Morphological Model of preBotzinger Neurons
Advisor: Gregory Smith, Applied Science

Maryam Kanna
Socioeconomic Disparity within the Arab-American Community in Dearborn, MI
Advisor: Anne Rasmussen, Music

Patrick Keyser
The Interaction Between Mainstream Parties and the Far Right: Explaining the Variation in the Success of Far Right Parties in Western Europe
Advisor: Clay Clemens

Lani Kroese
Individual Genetic Variation in Neurons, Hormones, and Cells that Control Fertility and Appetite in Peromyscus leucopus
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Economics

William Langton
Henri Matisse, Gertrude Stein, and the Construction of Cubist Literature
Advisor: Kara Thompson, English

Stephanie Lash
WE: Turning Zamyatin’s Novel into a Movie
Advisor: Brian Castleberry, English

Ben Lauer
"Back to the Globe and Fortune:" The "Original Practices" Movement and Communitas in Reconstructed Shakespeare
Advisor: Laurie Wolf, Theatre, Speech, and Dance

Althea Lyness-Fernandez 
Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia and Croatia
Advisor: Paula Pickering, Government

Nicholas Martin
Application of Masked Performance to In-Yer-Face Theater
Advisor: Laurie Wolf, Theatre, Speech, and Dance

Jeffrey McAleer
King Herod: Jewish, Roman, or Both?
Advisor: Michael Daise, Religious Studies

Sharon McDorman
Movin’ Out: The Psychological and Cultural Experience of Leaving Home
Advisor: Anne Charity-Hudley, English

Anne Mennen
Dark Matter Decay Model Involving a Heavy Lepton
Advisor: Christopher Carone, Physics

Molly Michie
Preschool in Charlottesville, Virginia: Who Attends and Why?
Advisor: Christopher Howard, Government

Timothy Milbourne
Middle School Curriculum Development: Making Physics Fun
Advisor: Gina Hoatson, Physics

Kayla Miller 
Sensing of Carbon Monoxide and Amine Ligands by a CuMX4 Complex
Advisor: Robert Pike, Chemistry

Catherine Mitchell 
Relational Mobility: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between German and American University Students
Advisor: Joanna Schug, Psychology

Andrew Moore
In Situ Hybridization in the Thermoregulatory Classification of Neurons
Advisor: John Griffin, Biology 

Christina Moore 
Endocrine Disrupting Effects of Mercury: Corticosterone Hormone in European Starlings
Advisor: Eric Bradley, Biology 

Karen Morrison
A Review of the Implementation of NESCAFÉ’s Global Strategy
Advisor: Allen Slade, Business

John Mulhall 
Translating Letters: The Contrasting Philosophies of Jerome and Augustine on Biblical Translation
Advisor: Maria Swetnam-Burland, Classical Studies

Taylor Nelms
An Exploration into the Arduino Microcontroller Constructs and their Applications in a Theatrical Environment via the DMX512 Signaling Protocol
Advisor: Steve Holliday, Theatre, Speech, and Dance

David Newbrander
Middle Eastern Monarchies and the "Arab Spring"
Advisor: Amy Oakes, Government

Suzan Ok
Seasonal Patterns in the Effects of Freshwater Viruses on Bacterial Abundance, Productivity, and Community Composition
Advisor: Kurt Williamson, Biology

Allison Oldham 
Complex Networks and Network Location Problems
Advisor: Rex Kincaid, Mathematics

Emily Pehrsson
Cooperation in a New Domain: A NATO-Russia Strategy to Combat Cyber Crime
Advisor: Paula Pickering, Government

Reinaldo Perez
Identification of Noradrenergic Receptor Subtypes in the Pre-Optic/Anterior Hypothalamus
Advisor: John Griffin, Biology

Bruce Pfirrmann
Use of Parasitic Trematode Larvae to Estimate Diamondback Terrapin Abundance in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Advisor: Randy Chambers, Biology

Sasha Post
Framing Cultural Exchange in Contemporary Art Museums
Advisor: Sibel Zandi-Sayek, Art & Art History

Stephen Prifti
The Economic Viability of Public Universities
Advisor: Don Campbell, Economics

Kenneth Qiu
Effects of Oxidative Stress on Alzheimer's Disease
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Rachel Quinones
Glass Transfer Paintings and the Gendering of Home-based Crafts
Advisor: Emily Gerhold, Art & Art History

Nickolas Reck 
The Ethical Implications of Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Advisor: Larry Evans, Government

Marisa Reed
Testing the Effect of Nonlinear Fares on Work Effort
Advisor: Lisa Anderson, Economics 

Katherine Robinson
Raising Environmental Consciousness through the Universal Dance of Soccer
Advisor: Dennis Taylor, Charles Center

Kiara Savage
Language Variation and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Advisor: Kelly Whalon, School of Education

Michael Schilling
Language Attitudes of Students and Professors at the University of Cape Town
Advisor: Iyabo Osiapem, English

Sarah Schuessler
Symphony of Science: An expression of the Miracle of Molecular Interactions
Advisor: Greg Bowers, Music

Margaret Schwenzfeier
The Influence of Social Ties on an Individual's Decision to Volunteer for a Political Campaign
Advisor: Joel Schwartz, Charles Center

Margaret Scott
The Evolution of Physical Therapy: A Philosophical Comparison
Advisor: Ray McCoy, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Sara Shaner
History of College Preparations and Applications in the United States
Advisor: Cindy Hahamovitch, History

Connor Smith
Local Governance in Bosnia and Macedonia
Advisor: Paula Pickering, Government

Hope Smith 
The Effect of Child Life Programs on the Hospital Experience of Parents of Pediatric Patients
Advisor: Karen Schaepe, Sociology

Victoria Snell
Location of PLP1 Duplication Boundaries and How Duplication Mutations of the PLP1 Gene Form
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Biology

Jacob Sprang
The Effects of New Media Technology on Human Rights Reporting
Advisor: Ann Marie Stock, Film Studies

Rose St. Clair
On the Maintenance and Revitalization of Irish Gaelic
Advisor: Ann Reed, Linguistics

Wesley Stukenbroeker
Tax Evasion around the World
Advisor: Peter McHenry, Economics

Eva Szymanski
Identifying Targets of the SUMO-targeted Ubiquitin ligase, Slx5/Slx8, inSaccharomyces cerevisiaeIdentifying Targets of the SUMO-targeted Ubiquitin ligase, Slx5/Slx8, inSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Advisor: Oliver Kerscher, Biology

Rachel Taverner
Four-Wave Mixing in Atomic Potassium
Advisor: Seth Aubin, Physics

Seth Theuerkauf
Development and Implementation of a Predictive SpeciesDistribution Model for the Native Oyster (Crassostrea virginia) in Chesapeake Bay
Advisor: Romauld Lipcius, VIMS 

John Thompson
The Role of Soccer as a Unifying Force in the Hispanic Community of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Advisor: Joanne Braxton, English

Amelia Tyler
The Presence and Effect of a Prophage II in Helicobacter acinonychis
Advisor: Mark Forsyth, Biology

Eliza Urban 
Crossroads College (A Novella)
Advisor: John Conlee, English 

Joanna Weeks
Correlating the Distribution of Tick Borne Zoonotic Diseases with Human Environmental Impact in Virginia: A Spatial Analysis
Advisor: Matthias Leu & John Swaddle, Biology

Min Yoo
Delegates of National Conventions: Who Are They and Where Do They Stand?
Advisor: Ronald Rapoport

Jiaqi Zong
Symphony of Science: An expression of the Miracle of Molecular Interactions
Advisor: Kevin Vose, Religious Studies