Upperclass Summer Projects 2011

Kate Allen
An Academic Look at Elementary School Theatre
Advisor: Christopher Owens, Theatre Speech & Dance

Emily Anthony
Sustainability and the New Zealand Wine Industry
Advisor: Scott Swan, Business

Matthew Badgett
Specification of Cyst Progenitor Cells in Drosophila melanogaster
Advisor: Matthew Wawersik, Biology

Victoria Barber
A Yankee in King Richard's Court
Advisor: Sharon Zuber, English 

Nicky Bell
Separatism in an Era of Integration: The Contradiction of Sub-State Nationalist Movements in Europe
Advisor: Maurits van der Veen, Government

Andrew Bessler
The Evolution of Terrorism and Organized Crime in the Sahel
Advisor: Amy Oakes, Government

Peter Bihl
On the Origins of Firearm Culture and the Divergence of Firearms Law within the Western Tradition
Advisor: Carla Buck, Hispanic Studies

Holly Blackburn
Cell determination in the first four cell stage of Clypeaster rosaceus
Advisor: Jonathan Allen, Biology

Kirstie Brenson
The Facebook Revolution: Social Media in the World of Political Campaigning
Advisor: John Gilmour, Government

Taylor Broome
A Biochemical Model of Interaction between Oligodendrocytes and Axions in Multiple Sclerosis
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Emily Brown
Emotional Regulation in Ghanaian Children
Advisor: Janice Zeman, Psychology

Jacob Buck
Omission Evoked Potentials in Older Adults
Advisor: Paul Kiefabber, Psychology

Gillian Byles
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Body Image in Jamaican and American Collegiate Women
Advisor: Gul Ozyegin, Sociology

Roger Chesley
Short Stories by Roger Chesley
Advisor: Ava Coibion, English

Madeline Chessman
Beyond Sundance: Theory and Case Studies of International Film Festival Programming
Advisor: Colleen Kennedy, LCST

Bernice Chu
Food in America: Where Does It Come From and Where Does It Go?
Advisor: Jes Therkelsen, Environmental Science / Studies

Ben Church
Cell Design and Mathematical Modeling of Huntington's Disease
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Emily Clarke
A Haptic Approach to Spatia Skills in Elementary School Students
Advisor: Chris Ball, Psychology

Katie Clough
Post-Cold War Foreign Policy: Russia, the United States, and Latin America
Advisor: Amy Oakes, Government

Hannah Clouse
The Songs of the Song: The Role of Women in Classical Chinese Music
Advisor: Eric Han, History

Lauren Coleman
The National Park Service: Sharing and Preserving History and Nature in the Shenandoah Valley
Advisor: Jim Whittenburg, History

Caroline Coogan
The Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas and Socioeconomic Implictions
Advisor: Noelle Relles, VIMS

Brett Cooley
Exploring Security Vulnerabilities in the Android Operating System
Advisor: Haining Wang, Computer Science

Moni Del Toral
The Effect of Palatable and Unpalatable Food Preference on Infants' Satiety
Advisor: Catherine Forestell

Megan Donaher
Elucidating the Nature and Significance of Interplay Between Ulp1, SUMO, and Ufdl
Advisor: Oliver Kerscher, Biology

Greg Dowd
A Theoretical Model of the Incentives Affecting Trade Protection and Responses to Trade Protection
Advisor: Lisa Anderson, Economics

Megan Dowling
Advertising Across the Pond: A Comparison of German and American Marketing Techniques
Advisor: Rob Leventhal, German

Elisa Enriquez-Hesles
Effect of an Invasive Species of Algae on a Marine Foundation Species
Advisor: Mark Luckenback, VIMS

Lydia Fairfax
The Role of Women in Classical Chinese Music
Advisor: Yanfang Tang, Chinese

Alessandra Fleurent
Harm Reduction Drug Policies and their Effect on HIV Rates in Switzerland
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology

Elizabeth Goldeman
Can a Political Leader Who Is Also A Wealthy Media Mogul Be Considered Legitimate by Traditional Western Standards?
Advisor: Clay Clemens, Government

Jaclyn Goldschmidt
Educational Achievement in Cuje, Nicaragua
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology

Kayla Grant
Speaking What We Eat: The Impact of Language inthe Local Food Movement
Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura, History

Kiah Hardcastle
Computational Modeling of Thalamostriatal Connections with respect to Delay Discounting Tasks
Advisor: Greg Smith, Applied Science

Samuel Harvey
Differential Regulation of the ArsRS Regulon in Heliobacter pylori
Advisor: Mark Forsyth, Biology

Walter Hickey
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Check: Political Return on Investment
Advisor: Rex Kincaid, Mathematics

David Hill
The Assessment of the Neuronal Character of the Cerebellum in Autism by FANS
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Josh Holt
Bringing the Tech Revolution to William & Mary: Building Memristors
Advisor: Seth Aubin, Physics

Kate Hughes
Finding Figs Amidst the Thistles: A Discovery of Poet Edna St. Vincent Millay
Advisor: Nancy Gray, English

Jim Irby
Grassroots Peace-building: Can Peace Be Constructed from the Ground Up?
Advisor: David Dessler, Government

Angela Ives
The Heritability of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Neurons in White-Footed Mice Population
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Biology

Tracy Jenkins
Archaeological Investigation of an 18th-19th Century Virginia Slave Quarter
Advisor: Marley Brown, Anthropology

Michael Jiang
Neutrino Interactions at MINERvA: Unraveling the Mysteries behind a Ghostly Particle
Advisor: Michael Kordosky, Physics

Conner Kasten
Cross-disciplinary Comparison of Tree Structure and C-Command
Advisor: Ann Reed, Linguistics

Katherine Kaugars
The Interaction Between Genetics and Aggression in Peromyscus leucopus
Advisor: Paul Heidemen, Biology

Sarah Kyle
Talking with Half a Voice
Advisor: Ann Reed, Linguistics

Marielle Larson
Do They Really Want to Learn? The Effect of Grading on Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation in Students
Advisor: Christopher Gareis, Education

Stephanie Lash
Once Upon a Time: A Study of Human History Through Fairy Tales
Advisor: Erin Minear, English

Jonathan Lehman
Techniques to Improve Software Development for Mobile Devices
Advisor: Peter Kemper, Computer Science

Steven Linett
South-South Development Cooperation
Advisor: Mike Tierney, International Relations

Emily Loney
On Fairy Stories and Middle Earth: Tolkein's Treatment of Legend, Fantasy, and Imagination
Advisor: John Conlee, English

Emily Matson
The Effect of the Nanjing Massacre on Chinese College Students Today
Advisor: Eric Han, History

Molly McDonough
The effects of perturbing components of the Notch signaling pathway on neurotransmitter phenotype specification in Xenopus laevis
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology

Maureen McNabb
The Portrayal of Women in American Contemporary Literature: Realism or Misogyny?
Advisor: Nancy Gray, English

Grace Mendenhall
Confuse-us No More: An Examination of Individual Rights in Confucianism
Advisor: Christopher Freiman, Philosophy

Jennifer Mills
An Experimental Analysis of Power and Relationship Aggression
Advisor: Connie Pilkington, Psychology

Meagen Monahan
"The Negro Motorist Green Book: An International Travel Guide": Following in the 21st Century the Travel Guide of the Jim Crow Years
Advisor: Elizabeth Schroeder, American Studies

John Mondel
Serious Business: The Effect of "Soft" News on Levels of Personal Issue Importance
Advisor: Dan Doherty, Government

Valentina Moshnikova
pHLIP-assisted delivery of amanitin in cultured cancer cells
Advisor: Kurt Williamson, Biology

Jessica Murray
The Effect of Mercury on Gene Expression in Early Neurological Development of Zebra Finch Embryos
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology

Laura Murray
Networks, Audiences, and Freshman Television Shows: How Does a New Show Survive Cancellation?
Advisor: Karin Wulf, American Studies

Hannah Naughton
Synthesis of an Optically Inactive PRODAN Derivative Cholesterol Analog
Advisor: Chris Abelt, Chemistry

Albert Ng-Sui-Hing
Analysis of Calcium Spiking in Xenopus laevis Retinal Cells Using Electrophysiological Recording and Calcium Flourescent Imaging
Advisor: Eric Bradley, Biology

Aaron Port
The Compact Fluorescent Light Bulg: A Biography
Advisor: Sharon Zuber, English

Peggy Prather
A Comparison of George Godson, Lord Byron and Alexander Pushkin as Romantic Figures
Advisor: Elena Prokhorova, Russian

Leksa Pravdic
Victimo o Militante? Examining the Portrayal of Argentina's Desaparecidos post-1983
Advisor: Silvia Tandeciarz, Hispanic Studies

Eric Press
Project to Preserve a Native American Language
Advisor: Jack Martin,Linguistics

Brian Rabe
The Functional Analysis of GABAB Receptor Subunits in Development
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology

Rebekah Rochte
Theatre and the Church
Advisor: Gary Green, Theatre

Meredith Rutledge
Music, Healing, and Children
Advisor: Camilla Buchanan, Kinesiology and Health Sciences

David St. John
The Locavore's Apprentice
Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura, History

Jacob Saracco
Greek Inspired Composition
Advisor: Jamie Bartlett, Music

Bethany Sass
Superfund: Aiding Local Communities Since 1980?
Advisor: Rob Hicks, Economics

Sarah Schall
Healthcare and the Hopi: A Health Needs Assessment of a Hopi Community
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology

Lindsay Schleifer
Sowing Seeds of Breast Health in the Hispanic Community
Advisor: John Riofrio, Hispanic Studies

Justine Sequeira
Nous Accusons La France: The Consequences of Nationalism in Europe
Advisor: Giulia Pacini, French

David Sherman
Exploring the Wall Street Act Through an Audit of the FDIC
Advisor: Elaine McBeth, Public Policy

Caitlin Shermer
Gettysburg National Military Park: Ecolution into a Symbol of National Unity
Advisor: Jim Whittenburg, History

Casey Swann
La Dolce Vita (a novel)
Advisor: Sergio Ferrarese, Italian

Noah Sweet
Short Circuited: A Novel
Advisor: Rich Lowry, English

Aniko Toth
Exploration of Intrinsic and Utilitarian Values of Biology in an Artistic Medium
Advisor: Matthew Wawersik, Biology

Felicia Tsung
An Exploration of Journalism
Advisor: Emily Pease, English

Paul Tucker
Monuments, Remembrance, and Nationalistic Language
Advisor: Charles McGovern, History

Hannah Ugarte
From Nearly Naked Nurses to G.I. Janes: The Depiction of Military Women in Film
Advisor: Naara Tourgeman, Military Science

Lillian Waller
The U.S. North Pacific Exploring Expedition: Contributions to Biological Collections at the Smithsonian Institution
Advisor: Paul Mapp, History

George Wang
An Economic Analysis on Using Algae as an Alternative Energy Source
Advisor: Gene Tracy, Physics

Andrea Williams
The Letters of George III: A Monarch's Perspective on the American Colonies
Advisor: Kathrin Levitan, History

Kristen Wong
MK-STYX Role in Neuronal Differentiation
Advisor: Shanta Hinton, Biology

Wei Xia
ECG Anomaly Detection Data Transmission via Wireless Network
Advisor: Qun Li, Computer Science

Min Yoo
Assessing Mothers' Satisfaction with the Publicly Funded Seoul Daycare System
Advisor: Sal Saporito, Sociology

Kyra Zemanick
War on the Ground: A Study on the Reliability of Firsthand Testimony on the Battle of Shiloh, April 6 and 7, 1862
Advisor: Jim Whittenburg, History