Upperclass Summer Projects 2010

Cassandra Adair
Virginia Woolf's Reception by Readers between 1915 and 1925

Samantha Allen
The Palestinian Experience in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Stephen Ammann
Exploration of Ligand/Bismuth Halide Complexes

Aubrey Arnold
English Language Acquisition in Thai Students

Rachel Becker
Confronting the Hate: Exploring When and Why People Confront Discrimination

Gregory Benson
Producing at the Fringe

Daniel Bever
Henry Ingersoll Bowditch: Reshaping our Abolitionist Paradigm

Alexander Black
Street Musicians in Europe

Andrew Bouland
Load and Go or Stay and Play: Analysis of Pre-Hospital Interventions from an In-Hospital Viewpoint

Alexandria Brown
Reviving Imagination through Children's Literature

Stacy Cain
The Role of Spirituality in Treatments for Women with Eating Disorders

Michael Cammarata
Healthcare in the Realm of Bullfighting

Allison Cano
Childhood Obesity: Assessing and Addressing Overweight and Obesity in Children through School-Based Intervention

Cory Chapman
From Basements to Billions: an Ethnography of Silicon Valley Start-ups

Francesca Chilcote
Make 'Em Laugh: Modern Manifestations of the Archetypal Italian Fool

Larisa Converse
A Cross-Country Comparison of Environmental Policies and Institutions

Lindsay Conway
Telling a Poet's Story: Constructing Narratives at Keats Sites in London

Kevin Cox
Studying Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA)

Christopher D'Alessio
The Obama Health Care Proposal: A Case Study for Punctuated Equilibrium

Grace Dawson
Constructing the Blue Ridge Fault

Justin de Benedictis-Kessner
Divisions and Unions in Post-conflict Bosnia: A Photojournalistic Account

Claire Delcourt
The Learning Environment of a High School Early College Program: A Case Study of Bard High School Early College

Emily Eklund
Synthesis of Loline Alkaloids

Jeffrey Eldred
Numerical Range of 3x3 Companion Matrices and Related Questions

Jessica Estienne
Social Benefits from Urban Beekeeping Projects and Conditions Associated with Successful Urban Beehives

Elizabeth Ferris
Aging in the Youth Culture: The Impact of Representations of Beauty and Sexuality in the Media on Women 65 and Older

Brendan Fields
Slave Rebellions in Latin America

Amy Filipek
Evaluating the Reformed SGP's Performance over the Last Five Years

Charles Fliss
By the Sword: Understanding the German Longsword Through a Living History Context

Elizabeth Fortenberry
Improving High School English Education with the Ideal Curriculum

Brianna Frentzko
Captain Jack and His Braves: A Tale of the Modoc Indian War

Brittany Fulton
Museum Exhibit Design and the Visitor Experience

Amanda Gibson
Ex-Poachers and Toy Turtles: TAMAR and the Marketing of Community Identity in Brazil

Yael Gilboa
Women in Cycling: An Ethnography of the Bicycle Touring World

Joseph Guillen
Movement of Priests for the Third World: Catholic Social Justice in Argentina

Alexander Gvakharia
Performance of Vertical Drift Chambers for the Qweak Experiment at Jefferson Lab

Ashley Harmon
Wait Times & Transportation Impediments: The Economic Implications of Border Security

Emma Horton
The Role of Jordanian Initiatives in the Islamic Interfaith Global Movement

Dolores Huberts
Bioinformatic Research Concerning the Epstein Barr Virus and Differential Expression Between Populations

Lindsay Hundley
A Comparison of Productivity Levels between Natural and Artificial Marshes (As a Result of Detrital Material)

Ashley Ingram
Women, Power, and Health in Cuje, Nicaragua

Hannah Jeffers
Storytelling through Music and Film

Rachel Jones
Calling God by Name: The Issue of Using Gendered Terms in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Christine Kennedy
Different Conceptualizations of Citizenship: A Comparison of Washington, D.C., and Wales

Kristin Kiel
Texas Vorwarts! The History and Legacy of German Immigration to Texas

Alessandra Klein
The Architecture of the Newport Mansions: Distincly and Opulently American

Lauren Knox
China and the West: Influence of Chinese on Western Theories of Language

Rebecca Koenig
The Interpretation of Slavery, Race, and the Servanthood at Urban Antebellum House Museums in Writing Music

Ryan Laney
Writing Music

Adam Lerner
Why Do We Punish?: Determined Deliberation and Retribution

Kristen Lied
An Artistic Study of the Resilience of the Human Spirit

David Loss
Stream Analysis in Huntley Meadows Park, Alexandra, Virginia

Brian Mammarella
"Jewel of the Tiber": The Pantheon as an Exhibit of Rome's Global Influence in the 2nd Century CE

Kyle Masengale
The Resurgance of the Jewish Community in Spain

Brendan McKernan
Exploring Romanticism through Transformation of Media: From Poetry to Modern Music

Emily McMillen
How One Community of 'Free Africans' Shaped Chesapeake, VA

Miriam McPhie
Treatment of Mental Illness Among Indegenous Australians

Rebecca Miller
Consumers' Opinions on Sustainability Segregated by Age Demographic

Taylor Mullaney
A Case Study of Contemporary Volunteer Experience in Francophone West Africa

Kathleen Murphy
Defining a New Society: Reform in an Islamic Kingdom

Gabrielle Names
Behavioral and Foraging Habits of the I'iwi Honeycreeper in Hawaii

Derek Nelson
Lifetime Trauma, its Effect on the Mental Response to Future Trauma, and its Likelihood to Facilitate or Immunize Against the Onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Khristopher Nguyen
Understanding the Growing HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Vietnam

Kathryn Ottolini
Evaluating Preparedness of Prospective Secondary Science Educators to Teach in High Needs School Districts

Joseph Palamara
Research Experience in Cosmology or Astrophysics

Sarah Parsons
The Quintessential Spanish Woman, 1939-1975

Cameron Pelliconi
The Impact of Race, Sexuality, Body Image and Hegemonic Masculinity on American Culture through "Fitness" and "Health"

Jacop Perkinson
The Role of Sport in South Africa's Post-Apartheid Transition

Christopher Persels
National Stereotyping by Foreign University Students Participating in International Exchange

Bradley Peters
History and Performance Styles of Bach's Violin Sonata Nr. 3

John Pothen
Points, Lines, and People: A Novel Application of Social Network Analysis to Build Community Capacity in Paraiso, Dominican Republic

Alexandre Pouille
Integration of Hong Kong into the Chinese Financial System

Elizabeth Powell
Absurd Hope

Kevin Quinlan
An Analysis of Eutophication in Wetlands Adjacent to Lake Matoaka

Skyler Reidy
Conceptions of Nuclear Annihilation in National Review

Kristin Rhodes
Ideal Growth Conditions for Tardigrades and their Role in the Development of Privatized Space Exploration Technology

Michael Riccard
The Best Environmental Policy in the Midst of an Economic Crisis

Eric Robinson
German Hartz Reforms and Immigrant Responses to Welfare-toWork Changes

Peyton Rose

Christopher Rowekamp
The Effect of Changes in Material Incentives on International Environmental Governance: An Analysis of the Arctic and Norwegian Climate Change Policy

Joseph Ruckert
Assessing Cultural Variation in Regard for the Environment within the Developed Western World

Michael Sardo
Reorienting Politics: Care and Re-politicization of the Self

Jacqueline Schector
Philosophical Foundations of Albert Camus

Matthew Schiavone
Investigation of FDA and EPA Guidelines Regarding Maternal Consumption of Fish

Eleanor Sheridan
Mercury and Behavior: Sone and Mate Choice of Zebra Finches

Emily Shroder
The Relationship Between US and Chinese Immigrant Law

Daniel Sinden
JAK/STAT Induced Germ-line Stem Cell Establishment in Drosophila Melanogaster

Gurjas Singh
Outsourcing Industry: A Socioeconomic Ladder in the Indian Economic Sector

Christopher Sowers
Effect of Adolescent Nicotine Exposure on Hippocampus-Dependent Memory

Zara Stasi
Vincent Van Gogh's Touch: Discovering the ROots of Expressionism

Lauren Summers
"Language is the House of Being": Ontology in Jorge Luis Borges

Margaret Summers
Narrowing the Achievement Gap in Virginia Public Schools: A Study of Success in AP Courses

Kathryn Swanson
Heritability of the Kisspeptin Neuron in a Population of Wild Mice (Peromyscus leucopus)

Thorsten Swider
American Medicine in Ugandan Clinic

Samanthe Tiver
Evaluating Nonprofit Success

Leah Towarnicky
Working our Way to the Cure: Investigation of Possibly Phenotypes and Action Sites of Gene 2K783.6 in Caenorhabditis elegans

Elise Turner
Emotion Regulation in African Children

Pei Wang
A Chemistry and an Art Form

Michael Watson
A Comparative Study of Central Bank Responses to the 2008 Economic Crisis

Ronald Wilcox
Researching Methods in Particle Detection at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Amanda Wolfenbarger
Cutting the Tape: Assessing and Improving Communication between the Homeless and Various Social Services

Dian Yang
Quantitative Study of the Mechanisms of Two Germline Stem Cell Competition in their Niche

Julia Zamecnik
France and NATO: The Causes and Effect ion into the NATO Military Structure