Upperclass Summer Projects 2009

Adelaide Alexander
Community Organization for Immigrant Rights: A Collaboration with CASA de Maryland

Kira Allmann
Portraying the Other: Characterization Using Dialect in Theatre and Film

Ellen Anderson
An Examination of Emotional Regulation Processess in Ghanian Children

Marguerite Barton
Dolphin-Assisted Therapy and swim-with-the-Dolphins programs: Sure, the humans love it, but how do the dophins feel?

Amelia Becker
The Educational Needs and Experiences of Hearing Children of Deaf Parents

Nicholas Belanger
Community Organizing and the Decision-Making Process in the Urban Deep South

Elizabet Biggio
Optics in the American Civil War

William Brannon
Conflict of Cooperation: The Effect of the CHoice of Voting System in Virginia Municipalities

Benjamin Brush
The Affect of Climate Change on Alpine Plant Communitues of the Presidential Range, New Hampshire

Ashley Butland
Children's Literature as a Reflection of National Identity and Societal Values: Case Study-- Selected Fairytales by the Brothers Grimm  [Kinderliteratur als eine Reflexion Nationaler Identitaet und Gesellschaftlicher Werte: Fallstudie--Ausgewaehlte maerchen von den Gebruedern Grimm]

Katherine Canfield
Secularization of the Middle East: Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf

Stephen Chi
Characterization of the ax941 maternal effect lethal Mutant in C. Elegans

Maurene Comey
Evaluating the Effects of Comparative Music Education

Maya Cough-Schulze
The Intersection of Biology and Poetry

Emily Cunningham
Soudtracks: Music and Meaning in Film

Michelle D'Aguillo
The Influence of Araucaria Araucana on the Process of Mapuche Identity Formation, Past and Present

Shifra de Benedictis-Kessner
The Hidden World of the Medica Marijuana Dispensary

James Dunleavey
Genetic Analysis of Bos taurus Remains in the Historic Triange

Lauren Ellis
El Sueno de Escuela

Cecilia Esteban
Structure-Function Analysis of the Hex3 Protein

James Evans
Immigration from Spain to North America

Morgan Figa
The Marriot Brigade: Foreign Influence and Polish Environmental Development

Berit Fitzsimmons
The Future of Counterinsurgency Doctrine

Christopher Flynn
Information Technology's Applications to Third-World Healthcare

Miriam Foltz
The Scottish Reformation's Effect on Religious Music in the 16th Century

Elizabeth Forro
Post WWII German Deportation

Emily Fuhrman
Exploring Scandinavian Literary and Philosophical Identity

Jonathan Garber
Using Cosmogenic Radio Nucleides to date the age and rate of incision of terraces on the South Fork of the Shenadoah River  OR  The application of renewable energy resources at local and national scales in Iceland

Cameron Glenn
English as a Lingua Franca

Kira Goad
"Mi Casa es su Casa": The impact of the US Housing Crisis on Latin American Immigration

Katherine Goulde
Restitution as a Method of Privatization: Prague vs. the Czech Republic

Rebecca Green
Plea Bargaining and "Snitch" Testimony in the American Criminal Justice System

Jillian Hamilton
Mediterranean Food Culture and Longevity

Andrew Hampton
The Differences between Industry and Academia

Elizabeth Harrigan
Susatainable Agriculture as a Function of Cultural Values in Costa Rica

Grace Heusner
Sustainability in Food Supply Chains: Private and Public Efforts to Improve Corporate Social Responsibility

Emma Horton
Iraqi Refugees in Jordan and the United States

Sabrina Horvath
Contemporary Issues in Hawai'ian Language Preservation

Meghan Hottell
The Perception of Female Candidates in National Elections

Alexa Hoyne
Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds

Shayma Jannat
Islam and Development: How do Traditional Views of Islam Impact Development in Contemporary Jordan within the Context of Gender Equality

Mark Johnson
Power and Influence: A Study of Political Party Leadership

Richard Jordan
Reconciling Bi- and Multi-Polar Theories of War

Braum Katz
The Afican American Community and the Debate on School Vouchers in Washington, D.C

John Kelly
The Iron Horse: Already Endangered, now ont he verge of extinction?

Pamela Kennedy
Shock the Masses! An Exploration of Japanese Public Reaction to the Novels of Hitomi Kanehara

Joseph Kessler
Native American Language Preservation

Levent Kiran
Racism y la liga: A Study of Racism in Spanish Soccer

Samuel Klock
Runtime Verification: Implementation, Effectiveness, and Deployability

Alexis Kuiper
Opposition and Optimism: German and Turkish Opinion on Turkey Accession to the EU

Matthew LaBrie
Controversy surrounding the Presidential Primary Process

Stephen Lendway
The Variance of Virtual and Face-to-Face Team Performance and Prejudice Based on Quantitative Comparison

JoEllen Lesher
Captive: Tanzanians' Relationship to Indian Ocean Slave Trade

Renee Lipari
The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Microlending in the United States

Kevin Lonabaugh
Helping Hands: Volunteer Tourism and its Role in the Protection of Earth's Biodiversity

Christopher Lynch
Prevention and Follow-Up: A Comparison of the United States and the United Kingdom's Healthcare Approaches

Ashley Magnifico
The Relationship Between Creative Writing and Other Artistic Media

Erin Maskell
National Security Archive: Dictatorship and State Terrorism

Kristopher McClellan
Law and Order: How Internation Law Can Solve the Security Dilemma

Heather McConchie
International Volunteering: A New Twist on Study Abroad

Jeremy Meisinger
The Reckoning: Justice for the Former Yugoslavia

Allison Mickel
Pumpkin Pie's Analogs on the Swahili Coast

Samuel Monfort
The Psychology of Gaming

Andrew Morris
Determining the Viability of Northern Diamondback Terrapins at Goodwin Islands

Irene Morrison-Moncure
The Real Guide to First Year Latin

Michelle Mullins
Improving Indigenous Education in Guatemala: A Study of the Impact of Non-Profit Programs on the Educational Achievement Gap

Maitreyi Nagarkar
A Study of Recreational Therapy for Teenagers

Jake Nelson
Words Fail: Writing and Understanding Impressions of Tunisia

Eric Newman
The Use and Economic Viability of Intercropping on a Market Scale

Andrew Noll
Electorial Systems and Democratization in Southern Africa

Kristen Pantazes
Giving to the College: A Historical Exploration of Development at William and Mary

Brielle Paolini
Pixelated Perception

Laura Parente
Determining TRx's Import Pathway using RNA Interference

Georgia Pfeiffer
Supermarkets' Impact on Production and Distribution of Local Produce

Taylor Porter
Stuffing the Mattress: An Experiment on Rosk Tolerance and Bank Runs

Austin Raynor
Psychological Development and its Biological Substrate Accompanying Intensive Meditation in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition

Kathleen Rhyner
Creative Imagination and Cognitive Processing

Bethany Rishell
Biblical Christianity as a force in American Politics

Landon Rordam
How to be a Great Man: A Study of the Works and Life of Soren Kierkegaard

Sarah Rozycki
Addressing sustainability in the independent restaurant industry: A study of best practices and development of a marketing plan

Maya Sapiurka
Villa El Salvador: A Self Organized Community

Jennifer Schindler
Eating Culture: An International Comparative Study of Body Image

Carolyn Schroll
A Comparison of Environmentalism in Besancon, France and Charlottesville, Virginia

Christina Sexton
The European Union in Practice

Ariel Shah
Elements on Nonviolent Practice

Caitlin Smoot
Tropical Marine Ecology in Australia

Clare Stankwitz
Bridging the Trust Gab, Creating a Shared Vision: the Reform of Global Environmental Governance

Tyler Stukenbroeker
The Impact of Russian Resurgence on the Czech Republic

Jessica Taubman
Collection Behavior

Matthew Thames
ecare: From I.T to IVs

Caitlin Thomas
The Intersection of Academic Underperformance and Disciplinary Infractions: A New Paternalistic Response

Bailey Thomson
Rhetoric of Service: A Content Analysis of Nonprofit Organization Mission Statements

Aline Todor
Cambodia:  A Case Study of Economic, Social and Political Development after Genocide

Seth Utecht
A Sketch of the Roman Frontier

Alyssa Wallace
Jim Crow and Apartheid: Common Roots?

Jonathan Yu
A Comparison of Unspoken Communication in Japan and America

Katherine Zantow
Battery Life: A Novel