Freshman Monroe Scholar Research

Most funding available for undergraduate research goes to upper-level students. It is for advanced research conducted to support declared majors. In contrast, the Freshman Monroe scholarships encourage first-year Scholars to explore any discipline.

Freshman Monroe Scholars may apply for funding to undertake two-week research projects. These projects extend or build on topics they studied in their first year classes.

When freshmen become upperclass Monroe Scholars, they receive funding for a seven-week research project.

The Monroe Scholars Program provides stipends of $1,000 to approximately 50 first-year Scholars. The stipend buys us 80 hours (two full weeks) of your time over the summer. If your project is selected for a grant, you will

  1. Spend a minimum of two full weeks on your research
  2. Post a brief abstract of the Monroe project to the Freshman Monroe Research blog
  3. Post at least three additional entries to the blog over the summer. Your last post will be a summary of your project
  4. Post at least two substantive comments to other Freshman Monroe Researchers' blogs
  5. Present your work at the Charles Center-sponsored Summer Research Showcase event in the fall.

You will write your project proposal with guidance from a faculty advisor. If your proposal gets a grant, your advisor does not have to supervise your work over the summer. However, different advisors might be more involved. For example, if your research will take place in your advisor's lab, you will work under their supervision.