Monroe Scholar Forms

Forms and Application Deadlines for Current Monroe Scholars

Below are the forms, deadlines and application guidelines for current Monroe Scholars.

Freshman Monroe Scholar Project Summer 2018 form. (Deadline February 21, 2018)
This form is for first-year Monroes who want to apply for research funding for summer 2018.

Upperclass Monroe Scholar Project Summer 2018 form. (Deadline January 31, 2018)
This form is for upperclass Monroes who want to apply for research funding for summer 2018.
You can also use this form to apply for Honors Funding (you will be directed to a supplemental application while applying for your upperclass Monroe funding). Under some circumstances,  your Monroe summer project may be eligible to the COLL 300 requirement as part of the COLL 300 individual approval process.

  • Note: This is the second step of a two form process. Students who have already submitted their Project Idea form (due December 1, 2017) should also submit this form.
  • Note: If you are a recently admitted sophomore Monroe scholar, you do not need to submit the upperclass Monroe Scholar summer 2018 form if your project is the same as the one you detailed in your application.

IRB Reminders (for all applications for projects involving research with human subjects).

  •  IRB approval must be in place before any project can be funded.   
  • All students are strongly encouraged to secure IRB approval before the application deadline (although you do need not have IRB approval to be considered for funding, but you DO have to have IRB approval to receive the funding if selected). 
  • Student IRB protocols can be submitted as soon as you have a faculty advisor, rationale for your study, and the research design clarified with supporting documents (e.g. survey, questionnaire, interview questions; informed consent; CITI certification). For approval the protocol needs to include CITI certification for both the student (course: CharlesCenter StudentIRB course) and faculty advisor (certification according to their determination). The certification is valid for 2 years. Students should indicate how their research is supported, sponsored by the Charles Center -- e.g. scholars and fellowship funding and/or Honors.