Visualizing St. Petersburg: Russian Student DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL (29 Nov, 2011)

SPThe Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Program is delighted to present Russian Studies students' documentary films. The films comprise a media component of students' research projects, which they have conducted this summer in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Films to be shown:
  • "Raisa Goes to the Movies" (Ashby Gaines)
  • "collective apARTment: the Pushkinskaya-10 Legacy of Unofficial Art" (Monika Bernotas)
  • "Tourism: The New Kid on the Prospekt" (Megan Doneski)
  • "The Marine Facade: Underneath Piter's New Face" (Sophia Kosar)
  • "The Three Dreams of Aurora Battleship" (John French, Sasha Prokhorov, Jes Therkelsen)
  • "The Power of Height: Gazprom's Monument" (Alex McGrath)
  • "Visualizing St. Petersburg" (Jes Therkelsen)