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Film Series: RUSSIANS: Cinema, City, Migration (Feb 2012)

Film Series: Russians: Cinema, City, Migration

Migration, urban space and motion picture film have a shared history that has shaped human existence since the end of the 19th century.  What is the relationship between migration, city, and film in films about Russia and Russians?


Feb 2, Th 5:00 Washington 201
I Walk Around Moscow (Dir. Georgii Danelia USSR 1964)
Introduced by Vinny Rampino

Feb 8, Wed 6:30 Williamsburg Regional Library Auditorium
Brother 2 (dir. Aleksei Balabanov Russia, USA 2000)
Introduced by Sasha Prokhorov

Feb 16, Th 5:30 Washington 201
Eastern Promises (dir. David Cronenberg, Canada, USA, UK 2007)
Introduced by Rachel Faith

Feb 23, Th 5:30 Washington 302
Another Sky (dir. Dmitry Mamulya, Russia 2010)
Introduced by Sophie Kosar