Guest Speakers

Every semester, the Russian Section and the College invite prominent scholars, artists, and cultural figures to give guest lectures as a way of enriching our students' educational and cultural experience. We believe it is imperative that our students are given as many opportunities as possible both to learn from other experts in a variety of disciplines and to make important contacts outside of William & Mary. In the past, we have had visits from Nina Khrushcheva, Helena Goscilo, James Billington, and others.  

Previous Guest Lecturers

Vadim Shneyder, Assistant Professor of Slavic Studies, UCLA, delivered the annual Homecoming lecture on "Russia's Capitalist Realism" (Fall 2016)

Eliot Borenstein, NYU, presented a talk on "Myth Information: Propaganda, consent, and Context in Today's Russia," as part of the Tepper Lecture Series (Spring 2016)

Ekaterina Zabrovakaya, Editor-in-Chief of Russia Direct, gave a talk on "Soft Power, Propaganda, or Jornalism: Different Roles of the Russian Media Abroad," as part of the Tepper Lecture Series (Spring 2016)

Elise Thorsen, graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, gave the Homecoming lecture on "Force of Habit: Modes of Time in Verse Works on the Cheliushkin Saga" (Fall 2015)

Matthew Mursray, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at U.S. Department of Commerce will give a lecture entitled "Building Blocks of the 21st Century Transatlantic Relationship" (Spring 2014)

Steven Fish, Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley gave a talk entitled “Putinism’s Challenge to Democracy" (Spring 2014)

Yanni Kotsonis, Associate Professor of History at New York University gave a talk entitled “Taxes and the Modern Citizen. How Taxes in Russia, the USSR, and the World Shaped Governments, Peoples, and Persons in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries” (Spring 2014)

Russel Zanca, Professor of Anthropology  at the University of Michigan gave a talk on  “Nationalism and the Myth of Turkic-Muslim Unity in Central Asia” (Spring 2014)

Anthony Anemone, Associate Professor at The New School, New York gave a talk on “Daniil Kharms and the End of the Russian Avant-Garde” (Spring 2014)

Aylara Odekova ('08), Development Associate for the Eurasia Foundation. Aylara shared her experiences of working in international development during her talk (Fall 2013)

Sergei Oushakhine, Assosiate Professor of Slavic Languages and Anthropology at Princeton University (Fall 2013)

Julian Connolly, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Virginia (Fall 2013)

John MacKay,  Professor of Film Studies and Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University (Fall 2012)

Irina Paperno, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley (Spring 2012)

David Herman, Associate Professor and Chair of the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department at the University of Virginia, gave a talk entitled, "Tolstoy in Eden" (Spring 2012).

Mary Catherine French ('07), a Ph.D. Candidate in Soviet History at the University of Pennsylvania, gave a talk entitled, "From TASS to Twitter: Russian and Soviet Journalism in Historical Perspective" (Spring 2012).

Sergei Kapterev, Professor of Film Studies at the Russian Film Institute, gave a lecture entitled, "Science Fiction Film in the USSR" (Fall 2011).

Edward Geist ('06), Ph.D. Candidate in Soviet History at UNC, Chapel Hill, presented his research in a talk entitled, "The Living Chernobyl: The Exclusion Zone 25 Years Later" (Fall 2011).

 Zolotoi Plyos, a Russian Folk Group, gave a concert (Spring 2010).

Yury Tsivian, William Colvin Professor in the Humanities at the University of Chicago (Fall 2008).  Dr. Tsivian gave a talk on the role of Chaplin iconography in Russian avantgarde art.

Karen Kettering, Associate Curator of Russian Art at the Hillwood Museum (Fall 2006). Dr. Kettering gave a presentation on Russian Porcelain.

Tony Anemone, Associate Professor at The New School (Fall 2006).  Dr. Anemone discussed Russian Icon art.

Wendy Salmond, Associate Professor and Head of the Art Department at Chapman University (Fall 2006).  Dr. Salmond gave a talk entitled, "Russian Icons in the Age of the Romanovs."

Gabriel Paletz, Professor at the Prague Film School (Spring 2005).  Dr. Paletz talked about film adaptations of Dostoevskii's novels.

Zolotoi Plyos, a Russian Folk Group, performed the musical program, "The Golden Sounds of Russian Folk Music" (March 2004).