Study Abroad

Programs Offered through William and Mary

Tuition exchange agreements with the following universities allow W&M students to pay their regular tuition to W&M while attending these partner universities (room and board are paid to the partner universities).  

W&M Exchange Program at Keio University

Located in the capital city, Tokyo, Keio University is Japan's oldest institution of higher education and is founded on the principle of academic excellence. Students enroll in the Japanese Language program at the Center for Japanese Studies. There are four levels (elementary to advanced), and students are assigned to the appropriate level based on the results of a placement test. Students are housed in dormitories or, in some cases, with homestay families. W&M students may apply to study at Keio for the spring semester or a full year. More

W&M Exchange Program at Akita International University

AIU is a four-year, liberal arts institution in the northern prefecture of Akita. Founded in 2004, it has quickly earned a national and international reputation for its hands-on instruction, globally-minded curriculum, and the scenic beauty of the main campus, located in the middle of an exquisite cedar forest – an Akita speciality. W&M students may apply to study at AIU for a semester or a full year. More

W&M Send-Only Program at Ritsumeikan University

Japan's beautiful ancient capital, Kyoto, is home to several elite universities, including Ritsumeikan, founded in 1869.   Students can choose from programs in English or in Japanese at eight levels.  Outside of the classroom, they can explore the infinite cultural riches of the city, the setting for the classic Tale of Genji, where history awaits around every corner.  W&M students may apply to study at Ritsumeikan for a semester or a full year.

Summer Programs in English

Learn more about Japan's history and culture through one of the English-language summer programs offered by our partner universities in Japan.

Once Upon a Time in Japan

Akita International University offers a unique traveling history seminar over the summer.  Over two weeks, students travel all across Japan exploring sites of important historical events, from Akita, to Tokyo, to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagasaki.  No Japanese proficiency is required; the seminar is conducted entirely in English. Consult the Reves Center for more information.

Ritsumeikan University Summer Pop Culture Program

Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, offers a two-week course, taught in English, on Japanese pop culture.  Students study the history, present, and future prospects of Japan's manga, gaming, and anime industries, as well as links to traditional culture.  The course runs from late July through the start of August.  Consult the Reves Center for more information.

Intensive Summer Language Programs

Use the summer to boost your language proficiency through one of our recommended intensive summer language programs in Japan.  Use the link at left to find out more.

Study Abroad Transfer Credit

The Japanese Program does not pre-approve for study abroad in Japan, but we work with students on their return to ensure transfer of their credits taken abroad and placement back into our language classes. See the departmental procedures for transfer credit.

On-Campus Opportunities

If you can't make it all the way to Japan but want to interact with foreign students here in Williamsburg, The Keio University, College of William and Mary Cross-Cultural Collaboration program is a summer internship on campus with 40 Japanese students from Keio University.

Working in Japan After Graduation

See the links at left to explore opportunities to teach English in Japan on the government-sponsored JET Program or find work in Japan through the bilingual career forum.