Academic advising is a distinguishing feature of the College of William and Mary, and faculty members in Hispanic Studies value their roles as your mentors. They will help you meet your academic goals, on campus and abroad; involve you in their research projects; and guide you in making intellectual discoveries and developing new skills and interests.

When you are ready to declare a concentration in Hispanic Studies, you may contact any of the participating faculty members. Many students invite a faculty member with whom they're familiar to serve as their concentration advisor; the initial contact can be made in a conversation after class or by sending an email to request an advising session. In preparation for your first meeting with your concentration advisor, you should visit the Academic Advising website and become familiar with the process of declaring a major.

Prior to meeting with your concentration advisor, please take time to download the Declaration of Major Form [PDF] and complete it, as far as possible, in pencil, so that you are prepared to work with that faculty member on the remainder of your academic studies. You and your advisor will plan your course of study and other opportunities and complete the Declaration of Major Form, which you will then submit to the Registrar.

You should feel free to seek out your advisor for guidance in course selection, studying abroad, undergraduate research opportunities, and other academic matters.