Modern Languages and Literatures Awards

Graduation 2015

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Program Awards

Arabic || Chinese || French || German || Hispanic Studies || Italian || Japanese || Russian

Departmental Awards

2015 Honors Recipients:

Tyler Bembenek- Honors in Government
Elisabeth Bloxam- Highest Honors in French & Francophone Studies
Tyler Brent- Honors in Chinese Studies
Elisabeth Laird- High Honors in European Studies
Ethan Pearlstein- Highest Honors in Hispanic Studies
Casey Thompson- Highest Honors in Italian Studies

MLL Outstanding Achievement Award:

Taylor Wilson (Arabic Studies)
Henry Woodburn (Chinese Studies)
Noah Baker (French & Francophone Studies)
Tyler Bembenek (German Studies)
Michael Le (Hispanic Studies)
Shannon Berenbaum (Italian Studies)
Luis Madrid (Japanese Studies)
Sarah Wall (Russian Studies)

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees:

Noah Baker
Tyler Bembenek
Elisabeth Bloxam
Nicole Fitchett
Maren Leibowitz
Carly O'Connell
Sarah Rabin