Modern Languages and Literatures Awards

Graduation 2012

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Section Awards

Arabic || Chinese || French || German || Hispanic Studies || Italian || Japanese || Russian

Departmental Awards

2012 Honors Recipients:

Bridgett Marie Carr - Highest Honors in French & Francophone Studies
Stephen John Hurley - High Honors in Chinese Studies
Stephanie L. Kumah - High Honors in French & Francophone Studies
Austin Michael Strange - High Honors in Chinese Studies

Book Awards from the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures:

Grace M. Brennan - (German Studies)
Sara A. Caudill - (Japanese Studies)
Victoria Chung - (Chinese Studies)
Alexandra Ferraro - (Hispanic Studies)
Kelly L. Houck - (Arabic Studies)
Gabrielle Regina Names - (French & Francophone Studies)
Peggy J. Prather - (Russian Studies)
Casey P. Swann - (Italian Studies)

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees:

August C. Anderson - (Hispanic Studies)
Grace M. Brennan - (German Studies)
Bridget M. Carr - (French & Francophone Studies)
Victoria Chung - (Chinese Studies)
Stephen J. Hurley - (Chinese Studies)
Catherine Kang - (French & Francophone Studies)
Taylor N. Mullaney - (French & Francophone Studies)
Gabrielle R. Names - (French & Francophone Studies)
Leksa V. Pravdic - (Hispanic Studies)
Austin M. Strange - (Chinese Studies)
Daniel C. Yates - (French & Francophone Studies)