Japanese Studies Program Awards

Graduation 2010


Jordan Dickson--High Honors in East Asian Studies

Modern Languages Book Prize In Japanese


The Japanese   section is pleased to award its annual Book Prize to Nathan Revere. Nathan is an East   Asian Studies and Linguistics major at the College who has studied Japanese through   the fourth year level. Nathan has also taken a number of classes with the   professors in the Japanese section on Japanese Film, contemporary culture,   and literature. Nathan worked as a translator for the “Future Shock” exhibit and went to   Japan with Professor Hamada Connolly to conduct ethnographic research on politeness and   etiquette as relates to Japanese foodways. Nathan has also worked as a TA for   the program for two years in our First Year Japanese classes. After   graduation, Nathan will begin graduate work at University of   Wisconsin-Madison in their Anthropology Ph.D. program. Nathan will be focusing   on language and culture in Japan. Read Nathan’s work on foodways and localization of Japanese anime.

Kinyo Prize for Excellence in Japanese


The Kinyo Prize for   Excellence in Japanese was established through the generous support of Mr.   Kazuo Nakamura of Kinyo Virginia, Inc. This prize is given annually to   recognize the hard work and achievements of the top students at each level of   our Japanese program. This year’s recipients are (from left) Chris Bubb,   Soyoung Kim, Dongseok Shin, and Roger Chesley. Read about them below.

Chris Bubb (400 level) After four years of hard work and one summer in Osaka for intensive language training, Chris has achieved a high level of fluency. He is confident and always does a superb job for oral presentations and other speaking activities in class. He has also deepened his knowledge about Osaka-ben(Osaka dialect), Japanese culture and people. He is one of the few students Kato-sensei had who is able to pick up the nuance of and understand jokes in Osaka-ben!

Dongseok Shin (300 level) Dongseok was most successful in improving his command of the Japanese language. He was well-prepared, organized, logical, and persuasive in his comments and discussions.

Roger Chesley (200 level) Roger is always trying his newly acquired skills immediately. He makes a great effort to use Japanese creatively. He is not afraid of taking risks. These are the factors which facilitated Roger’s improvement in his communication skills in Japanese. He is well prepared for the class, is a very active participant, and always does very thorough work.

Soyoung Kim (100 level) Soyoung is modest and unassuming, but an active and hard-working student. She almost always earned a perfect score on the quizzes and tests.