Chinese Studies Program Awards

Graduation 2010

ML&L Book Award for Excellence in Chinese Studies: We are happy to award Megan Ammirati (Chinese and English, '10) with our Excellence in Chinese Studies Book award. Megan has garnered a number of awards and honors this year, including Phi Beta Kappa and High Honors for her English Department thesis, a study of recent Chinese adaptations of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. She demonstrates remarkable linguistic fluency as well as a high theoretical and critical sophistication in her work. Her honors thesis consisted of highly original research and on the ground fieldwork in China. She presented some of her independent research at the International Shakespeare Conference in London in September 2009. She has also been a Teaching Assistant this year in Chinese language. Next fall she will begin graduate studies in Comparative Literature with a fellowship to University of California, Davis. Her research focus will be modern Chinese theater and its cultural exchanges with Western theater. Her remarkable academic achievements have been coupled with her remarkable contributions to our department, including several stints as a teaching assistant in both content and language courses.

East Asian Studies Prize for Excellence in Chinese: Guy Evans (Chinese and Geology, '10) has earned the EAS Prize for Excellence in Chinese. Guy achieved High Honors in his senior honors thesis in Geology. Guy has demonstrated a remarkable written and oral facility with the language as evidenced by his very proficient oral presentations on complex subjects in Chinese. However, as if Chinese was not easy enough, Guy is also very proficient in Arabic, a skill that has helped him in his role as singer in the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble. Guy was awarded an extremely prestigious Institute of International Education to conduct research and study in Morocco next fall. Guy was also awarded a graduate fellowship in the Joint Program in Marine Geology and Geophysics at the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. He will begin his graduate studies after his Fulbright Fellowship.

Other Awards:

Tommy Good (Chinese and International Relations, '10) has earned the Outstanding Leadership Award from his fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho. Tommy was president of his fraternity for 2009 and demonstrated able and steady leadership. Under his tenure, his chapter won the prestigious all-campus Outstanding Fraternity Award. This summer Tommy will do volunteer work in Sichuan Province, China. He hopes to eventually pursue a career in government and public service, and wishes to make China a key component of his work. His readily apparent people skills coupled with his enthusiastic interest in Chinese affairs ensure that he will do well in his future endeavors.

中文系的毕业生,恭喜!我们祝你们一帆风顺! 请保持联系。。

Graduates of the Chinese section, congratulations! We wish you smooth sailing in the future. Please keep in touch.