Modern Languages and Literatures Awards

Graduation 2010

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Section Awards

Arabic || Chinese || French || German || Hispanic Studies || Japanese || Russian

Departmental Awards:

2010 Honors

Sarah Argodale - Highest Honors in Russian Studies
Kathryn Hansen - Honors in French & Francophone Studies
Nathan Hoback - Highest Honors in Hispanic Studies
Elizabeth Wheless - High Honors in German Studies

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Sarah Argodale (Russian Studies)
Nicholas Belanger (French & Francophone Studies)
Molly Blumgart (Hispanic Studies)
Alexander Douglas (Hispanic Studies)
Christopher Hansen (Hispanic Studies)
Katharine Hansen (French & Francophone Studies)
Katharine Hibbs (Hispanic Studies)
Kevin Lonabaugh (French & Francophone Studies)

Fulbright Awards

Katelyn Andell (German Studies)
Sarah Argodale (Russian Studies)
Christopher Consolino (German Studies)
Guy Evans (Chinese Studies)
Peter Giannino (German Studies)
John Palenski (German Studies)
Katherine Sumner (German Studies)

Teaching Assistantship Program in France

Lenore Dukes (French & Francophone Studies)
Kevin Lonabaugh (French & Francophone Studies)