Chinese Studies Section Awards

Graduation 2009

  • Matthew Burns - Chinese Government Scholarship (2006)
  • Michael Finn - East Asian Studies Prize for Best Chinese Senior Project
    Michael Finn did a research project on China's first and only empress Wu Zetian for the course Chinese 428: Advanced Seminar offered in spring 2009. In the paper culminating from a substantial research, Michael discussed how Empress Wu came to power, her achievements, her blunders as well as her impact on the course of Chinese history. The paper was written in Chinese, although the students had the option of writing their papers in English. Michael used authentic expressions and rather complicated sentence structures. Not only was the composition largely free from errors, but the ideas were also nuanced and insightful. Ranked the top of all the 24 senior projects conducted this year by the graduating Chinese majors, Michael received the award of the EAS Prize for the Best Senior Project.
  • John Kamensky - East Asian Studies Prize for Excellence in Chinese
    John (Jack) Kamensky received the EAS Price for Excellence in Chinese upon graduation spring, 2009. Every so often the Chinese program at W&M would produce a "wonder student," so called because of the student's outstanding talent in and excellent command of Chinese acquired during the four years of study at W&M. John is such a "wonder" student in the class of 2009. He came to the College 4 years ago without knowing even one Chinese word, and yet, after 4 assiduous years of practice, during which he studied and worked in China for two summers, he speaks and writes at a level that amazes all his teachers. He received the EAS Price for Excellence in Chinese for both his advanced language ability and his hard work.
  • Shannon Reed - The 2009 Book Award for the Chinese Section goes to Shannon Reed in recognition of her outstanding academic performance. Shannon is a double major in Chinese and English. In addition to this distinguished award, she also won the "Best English Major Award" from the English Department. After 4 years of study at W&M finishing the requirements for two majors, Shannon's GPA stands at 3.99. A Monroe Scholar and a recipient of Dintersmith Fellowship, she conducted an honors thesis entitled "The New Romantics: Romantic Themes in the Poetry of Guo Moruo and Xu Zhimo" and obtained a High Honor. Shannon is also a member of the prestigious honor society Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Adam Wong - Benjamin Stoddard Ewell Award. This William and Mary award honors well-rounded graduating students - both graduate and undergraduate - who best exemplify a liberal arts education through their activities and academic studies. 40 students are chosen each year.