Modern Languages and Literatures Awards

Graduation 2009

Congratulations to all our graduates!

Section Awards

Arabic || Chinese || French || German || Hispanic Studies || Japanese || Russian

Departmental Awards:
2009 Honors

Allison Corbett - High Honors in Hispanic Studies Alice Harman - Honors in Hispanic Studies Shannon Reed - High Honors in Chinese Vadim Shneyder - Highest Honors in Russian Laura Wagstaff - High Honors in French

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Benjamin Fontana (German Studies) Alice Harman (Hispanic Studies) Rebecca Koppel (French) Shannon Reed (Chinese) Vadim Shneyder (Russian & Post-Soviet Studies) Bryan Terrill (Russian & Post-Soviet Studies) Laura Tourtellotte (Russian & Post-Soviet Studies) Laura Wagstaff (French)

Fulbright Awards

Faith App – Fulbright Teaching Award, Austria Elizabeth Owerbach – Fulbright Teaching Award, Russia Lauren Shaw – Fulbright Teaching Award, Austria Rachel Simmons – Fulbright Teaching Award, Austria Dustin Smith – Fulbright Teaching Award, Austria Bryan Terrill – Fulbright Teaching Award, Russia