The Honors Program in German Studies provides students with the opportunity to complete a year-long research projectunder the direction of a thesis advisor. Honors students must have an overall GPA of 3.0, and a strong record in German Studies. Whether a student is admitted to the Honors Program as a junior and to the Honors Sequence as asenior may depend on the strength of the student and proposal, as well as suchfactors as being able to find a thesis advisor.

Stage 1: Junior year: Apply for admission to the Honors Program

Meet with the Director of German Studies during the fall semester of the junior year.

  • Submit an application to the Program Director by March 15 of the junior year. If student is studying abroad, the student should contact the Program Director and declare intent to do honors at this time.

Stage 2: Junior year: Apply for the Senior Honors Sequence (GRMN 495-496)

  • Submit an application for the Honors sequence to the Program Director by April 15 of the junior year. This application must include a description of the student's proposed study and the name of a willing thesis advisor. The Application for Admission to Honors Study (pdf) must be signed by the applicant, the Honors advisor and the department Chair or program Director then returned to the Charles Center upon completion.
  • If admitted, enroll in GRMN 495 for fall of the senior year, and GRMN 496 for the spring of the senior year. Students are encouraged to begin the research for their thesis during the summer between the junior and senior year.

Stage 3: Senior year: The thesis

  • Students will spend a year working with a thesis advisor on a project while enrolled in GRMN 495-496.
  • Honors thesis in German Studies may be written either in English or German. Students are encouraged to write their thesis in German, but it is not a requirement.
  • In the fall of the senior year, the student should submit to the Program Director the faculty members who will serve on the examining committee. Students should meet with each committee member to discuss his or her project. Each examining committee must consist of three or more faculty members, with representation from at least two academic departments. Any current William and Mary faculty member who is eligible to assign grades may serve on an Honors committee, including visiting and adjunct faculty.
  • The thesis is due by mid-April of the senior year (two weeks before the end of spring classes), followed by an oral examination (before the last day of spring classes). The examining committee determines the level of honors (no honors, Honors, High Honors, Highest Honors) and assigns a grade for GRMN 496. The thesis advisor also then assigns a grade for GRMN 495.
  • For more detailed guidelines, contact the Program Director and please refer to the Honors Guidelines published by the Charles Center.

Information about honorsfellowships and support for summer research is also available from the Charles Center.