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Rob Leventhal gives lecture and leads seminar at the University of Copenhagen

4142005The Institute, part of the Philological Faculty at the Universty of Copenhagen, invited Rob to lecture on "Philology and Hermeneutics According to the Young Friedrich Schlegel," and to conduct a seminar on "Friedrich Schlegel's 'Wechselerweis' in the Historical and Philosophical Context of 1794-1797." The lecture and seminar were attended by scholars of Romanticism and graduate students from all over Scandanavia, including the Universities of Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Uppsala. Aarhus, Stockholm, and of course Copenhagen. "What I found was a truly Pan-Scandanavian community of scholars and graduate students seriously interested in and engaged with the philosophical-historical origins and implications of Romantic Hermeneutics. There's a whole world of scholarship and learning alive and well up there, a consortium of schools and institutes on the cutting-edge of literary theory and criticism, something we as Germanists tend to forget. They were incredibly warm and welcoming, and the discussion was at a very high level, informed and genuinely concerned."