William & Mary

French Alumni Information Center


Info We are happy to post the email addresses of alumni who majored in French.
Class of '07:
  • Karen Adams: karenjadams@googlemail.com
  • David Arndt: dcarndt@gmail.com
  • Lisa Basile: lmbasi@wm.edu
  • Rachel Mathews: mathewsrc@gmail.com
  • Emily Russell: russell.emily.k@gmail.edu
  • Tiffany Lanigan: tiffany.lanigan@gmail.com
Class of '05
  • Lauren Ferret: fluteshorty@hotmail.com
  • Cecily Hutton: cecilyhutton@gmail.com
  • Elizabeth LaGow: eclago@wm.edu
  • Monica Lovely: margie23@gmail.com
  • Jacqueline Nalle: jhspruill05@gmail.com
  • Julie Reimer: Julie.Reimer@gmail.com
  • Clarisse Reiter: clarisse_r@hotmail.com
  • Allison Waller: acwall@wm.edu
Please feel free to write to nmedevielle@wm.edu to have your address added to this list.