Conference in French & Francophone Studies

Fête de la Recherche/ Faites de la Recherche!

an annual student research conference

 student presenters

Our first annual French & Francophone Studies research conference took place on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, between 9am and 1pm. It featured six twenty-minute formal presentations by students in our program, including three ongoing honors theses projects; research done as part of a student internship in Paris; an original video produced in one of our classes; and research conducted in a museum in Montpellier. More specifically:

 * Philippe Halbert (’11) spoke of his research in the French national archives, and explained his thesis about the changing functions and popularity of monsters in the early modern imaginary

* Michael Smith (’11) presented his honors thesis on literary representations of Haussmanization and the anxieties it provoked

* Eve Grice (’11) described her honers thesis research on the tensions between colonialism and post-colonialism in the recently opened CNHI (museum of Immigration) in Paris 

* Bridget Carr (’12) critiqued development aid projects in France's former colonies 

 *Ashey Hoover ('11) and Sami Tabbara ('13) spoke of the intertextual references they built into their original video production  *Danny Yates ('13) discussed Said's understanding of Orientalism in reference to painting and writings by Delacroix 

Fete de la recherche