Other Funding Opportunities

Other Opportunities

William and Mary Summer Research Opportunities

General International Scholarships/Grants

Other International Scholarships administered by the Charles Center

Other Opportunities

French Government English Language Teaching Assistantships--  for teaching English conversation in French secondary schools; strong preference is given to unmarried candidates under 30 years of age who plan careers in teaching French language (administered through the Fulbright program)

  • Lusk Memorial Fellowship-- for a creative and performing arts project only (administered through the Fulbright program)
  • Harriet Hale Woolley Scholarships-- for study of fine arts and music in Paris; candidate must be 21-30, unmarried, hold a B.A. degree from an American university, and have the capacity for graduate level study and evidence of artistic or musical talent/accomplishment (not for the study of art history, musicology, composition, theater or dance)
William & Mary Summer Research Opportunities

 Contact Ms. [[llove, Lindsey Love]] in the Charles Center -Blow hall 255- for further information (221-2460), or visit the Charles center's summer scholarships page.

  • Chappell Research Fellowships for Undergraduate Research -- fund students' close collaboration with faculty who are engaged in summer research projects supported by the College's Faculty Summer Grant Program.

Amount: $3,000 + campus housing if desired
Duration: seven weeks
Eligibility: undergraduate students in good academic standing who will be returning to William and Mary in the fall after the project may apply.
Note: Students must choose a faculty adviser to approach from the list published by the Charles Center in mid-January. Faculty are responsible for selecting the students with whom they wish to apply for Chappell funding. Student-faculty teams then collaborate on the application.

  • Charles Center Scholarships for Domestic or International Research

Amount: $3,000
Duration: seven weeks
Eligibility: undergraduate students in good academic standing who will be returning to William & Mary in the Fall after the project may apply.

  • Wilson Cross-Disciplinary Scholarships support students who wish to conduct supervised research outside of their concentrations.

Amount: $1,500 stipend, 3 hours of interdisciplinary course credit, campus housing if desired (faculty adviser also receives a $800 stipend)
Duration: at least the length of one full summer session (five weeks)
Eligibility: restricted to students who will be eligible to declare a major in the current spring semester (generally sophomores and juniors) and who will not graduate at the end of the current spring semester. Students must be in good academic standing.

  • Batten Scholarship-- provide support for rising seniors to do preparatory research for concentration honors projects the summer prior to the project
General International Scholarships/Grants
  • Fulbright awards are available to recent college graduates with outstanding academic records, who are interested in studying and carrying out research overseas, and who demonstrate potential for making use of this experience in their professional careers. These one-year grants generally provide round-trip transportation, tuition, books, maintenance for the academic year based on living costs in the host country, and health and accident insurance.
  • ISIC Travel Grants (undergraduate)
  • The International Student Identity Card Fund provides travel grants to high school and undergraduate students participating in educational programs in the developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Students involved in any type of educational program including study, work, voluntary service internships, and homestays are eligible for funding.
  • National Security Education Program Scholarships for Study Abroad (undergraduate)
    These scholarships are intended to provide support to U.S. undergraduates who will pursue the study of languages and cultures currently under represented in study abroad. Applicants must provide a clear link between the proposed overseas study and their academic and career goals.
  • The Rotary Foundation offers a variety of educational awards in order to promote friendly relations between peoples of different nations. Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarships are offered for one year of university study in any country where there is a Rotary Club. At present, Rotary Clubs exist in over 100 countries. Interested students should contact their local Rotary Club at home for more information.
  • NSEP Scholarships for Study Abroad fund undergraduates who wish to study in non-western countries (currently undergoing review; mid-January deadline).
  • Luce Scholarships fund eighteen one-year internships in Asia; Asian Studies majors may not apply (early November deadline)
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellows Program is designed to provide a substantive work experience for students who have a serious career interest in the area of international affairs; up to twelve students are hired to work at the Endowment (D.C.) on a full-time basis for a period of one year (early December deadline).
Other International Scholarships Administered by the Charles Center (partial listing)

(Contact Ms. Lindsey Love for further information.)

  • Parents Association Scholarships for Domestic Research fund research projects conducted in the U.S. (mid-February deadline)
  • American Women's Club in Sweden Travel Grant (undergraduate or graduate women)
  • Anna Sobol Levy Fellowships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (graduate)
  • British Marshall Scholarships for Study in Britain (graduate)
  • English Speaking Union Scholarships for Study in Britain (juniors from VA)
  • German Academic Exchange Service--various grants (mostly graduate)
  • Humboldt (graduate)-- Not restricted to German speakers!
  • Japan-America Society Scholarships for Study in Japan (sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate)
  • Peter Ohm Scholarship Program for Study at the Korean Language Institute
  • Raoul Wallenberg Scholarships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (graduate)
  • Rhodes Scholarships for Study at Oxford University (graduate)
  • St. Andrew's Scholarships for Study in Scotland (graduate)
  • Washington Women's Committee for American Student Scholarships to Japan (first year & sophomore women)