Summer Matrix Analysis REU

Summer In Matrix Analysis, Combinatorics, and Applications
at William & Mary


The long running William and Mary REU program in matrix analysis, combinatorics, geometry and related topics and applications will operate during summers. It will be mentored by Charles Johnson (since 1989) and others, and it will run from first Monday in June to last Friday in July. Housing, in addition to a competitive stipend will be provided. A variety of fresh, important and accessible problems will be offered. These are not publicized in advance. Past summers have enjoyed substantial publication in respected journals.

Applications may be made electronically to the Math department at beginning in November and should include, in letter form, the following information clearly displayed:

1) full name, college and home addresses and phone numbers;

2) e-mail address;       

3) birth date;       

4) citizenship (US citizen or permanent resident);

5) current undergraduate status and expected date of graduation;

6) any minority status you wish to mention;

7) a list of college mathematics and related courses completed, including textbook titles, authors and grade received;

8) a list of additional mathematics courses that will be completed before the beginning of the program, including textbook information;

9) names and titles of two people who will send letters of recommendation on your behalf (choose mathematically competent people who are qualified to comment on your mathematical ability, and be sure that they send the letters promptly and directly to the above address);

10) a brief personal statement about your interest in mathematics and your goals for the REU program.

We will accept applications as long as we have not filled the program with qualified applicants or March 1st whichever comes first. When that happens, we will indicate so on this website. So, please apply promptly, and we thank you for your interest.

Unusual inquiries may be directed to Charles Johnson,     office phone: 757 221-2014