Topological data analysis (Adviser: Sarah Day)

Computational Dynamics and Computer-Assisted Proofs (Adviser: Sarah Day)

Predictive Informatics Monitoring in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Saving Premature Infants by Monitoring their Heartbeats and Respiration (Adviser: John Delos)

Matrix problems in quantum information science (Advisers: Chi-Kwong Li)

Stable matrices in Turing pattern formation (Advisers: Chi-Kwong Li, Junping Shi)

Simulation and analysis of Chesapeake Bay oyster population data (Advisers: Rom Lipcius, Leah Shaw, Junping Shi)

Chesapeake Bay blue crab disease modeling and simulation (Advisers: Rom Lipcius, Leah Shaw, Junping Shi)

The Statistics of Sleep-Wake Switching Behavior in Infant Mammals (Adviser: Mainak Patel)

International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) (Adviser: Margaret Saha, Greg Smith)

Analyzing calcium activities data (Advisers: Margaret Saha, Greg Smith)

New analytic techniques for adaptive networks (Adviser: Leah Shaw)

Image Analysis and Inferential Statistics with Medical Data (Adviser:  Daniel Vasiliu)