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William & Mary EXTREEMS-QED Program

Expeditions in Training, Research, and Education for Mathematics and Statistics through Quantitative Explorations of Data (EXTREEMS-QED) program is an educational program supported by National Science Foundation to support efforts to educate the next generation of mathematics and statistics undergraduate students to confront new challenges in computational and data-enabled science and engineering (CDS&E).  EXTREEMS-QED projects will enhance the knowledge and skills of mathematics majors through training that incorporates computational tools for analysis of large data sets and for modeling and simulation of complex systems. 

The William & Mary EXTREEMS-QED program is a five-year (2013-2018) educational program consiting vairous activities during semesters and summer. Data-driven teaching material will be embedded into existing courses in linear algebra, statistics and probability, discrete mathematics and applied mathematics; New advanced courses in complex networks, graphical models, matrix and graph theory techniques in statistics, quantum graphs, topological techniques and data analysis, and self-organization in biology and marine science will be offered. In the summer research program, students and faculty advisers will form interdisciplinary research teams for projects addressing various theoretical and applied scientific problems. Directions of more theoretical research lie in (i) the intersection of graph theory, statistics, matrix theory, operations research, and newly emerging networks science; and (ii) spatiotemporal pattern formation, detection and recognition requiring a blending of differential equations, statistics, dynamical systems, and computational topology.

A CDS&E Colloquium Series will be a venue for bringing and exposing the William & Mary academic community to cutting-edge research by speakers from other institutes or industry to report the latest CDS&E advancements. A seminar course will be offered annually in the spring semester for interested undergraduate students, and CDS&E faculty speakers will give introductory descriptions of their research problems in order to communicate with a broader audience of faculty and students.

The training/education/research program will be conducted in a partnership with several Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in Southeast Virginia: Virginia State University, Hampton University and Norfolk State University. Some CDS&E courses offered at William & Mary will be web-broadcasted to these universities as online courses for their faculty and students, and selected students and faculty members from the three HBCU institutes will participate in the William & Mary summer CDS&E research program.