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Field Experience

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One of the core components of the Marine Science Minor is to expose students to research work performed in a field setting.  Several of the courses in the Marine Science Minor Curriculum focus on providing students with in-depth, hands-on field experience. For example, the required Field Studies in Coastal Marine Environments (MSCI 331) introduces students to a wide variety of ecosystems that surround the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's Wachapreague campus located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Students are invited to propose, plan, and carry out their own research project, and prepare a presentation of their findings in front of an audience of their peers.

As well, many of the Minor's elective courses offer students the opportunity to participate in short field excursions in the Williamsburg, Gloucester Point, or Hampton Roads region, along with longer field components in the U.S. or abroad.

A few courses from the Marine Science Minor that incorporate field experience:
MSCI 331 Field Studies in Coastal Marine Environments
MSCI 332 Coastal Habitats of North Wales
BIOL 317 Paleontology
BIOL 427 Wetland Ecosystems
BIOL 460 Marine Ecology
BIOL 461 Marine Ecology and Conservation

Students may also elect to complete an internship or directed independent research project with one or more of the faculty associated with the Minor in Marine Science. These sections should be arranged be either contacting the faculty member directly or contacting the Co-Directors of the program for assistance with placement.