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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Minor in Marine Science?

Students should contact one of the co-directors, [[v|graves, John Graves]] or [[w|jdallen, Jon Allen]], with any questions.  

When should I complete the paperwork for declaring a minor in marine science?

Students can declare a minor in marine science up until their final semester at William and Mary. However, we encourage students to declare their minor early so that we can provide advice and guidance throughout their degree program.

Do I need to travel to the VIMS campus to take marine science courses?

Courses for the marine science minor are either offered on the Williamsburg campus in person or delivered to the Williamsburg campus from VIMS through distance learning technology. All distance learning classes include regular participation by a teaching assistant who serves as a liaison between the campuses and interacts directly with undergraduates on the Williamsburg campus. To complement coursework, we encourage students to visit the VIMS campus and explore the many opportunities it offers including world-class research facilities, opportunities to participate in research with faculty and graduate students, and an interesting and diverse program of seminars and public presentations.

Is transportation available between the Williamsburg and VIMS campuses?

Yes. Van transportation is provided by W&M Parking Services and the Undergraduate Program in Marine Science. The van picks up students curbside from the Sadler Center and travels to the VIMS campus. Please contact [[v|graves, John Graves]] or [[w|jdallen, Jon Allen]] for the current transportation schedule.