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Student Project

During the first week of the course, students become familiar with the local coastal environments, sampling methodologies, and laboratory procedures. Additionally during that first week, faculty introduce students to the class project, which is the primary activity during the second week of the course. The class project involves contributing to a box model of a local marsh creek by estimating the biomass and energy flows of the marsh creek flora and fauna. Students work in small groups to determine the values that go into the box model and head to the field for sampling and monitoring, based on their introduction to lab and field work during the first week. As the second week progresses, students wrap up their analyses and present their findings to the Eastern Shore Lab community.

Students setting up a grazing experiment in the Seawater LabStudents performing an experiment from a platform in the tidal creek

Student Project Photo Gallery
Overall Goals
  • Master sampling and laboratory techniques from the first week
  • Apply knowledge from first week to box model project work
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, TAs, and other students to complete a portion of the box model
  • Give a presentation about the findings for the box model

A carbon box model developed by student research during MSCI 331

Example Project