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Class Activities

Students participate in a wide variety of classroom, field, laboratory, and social activities during the field course. Some examples of activities are included below and a link is provided to an example course schedule.

Course Schedule 2017.pdf

Course Schedule 2014.pdf

Classroom Lectures

Since this is a field course the majority of the student’s time will be spent in the field and laboratory. However, the faculty and the TAs give a number of lectures during the course to prepare students for instruction in the field or lab or to provide information that cannot be gained in the field.

Lecture in the Seaside Classroom, ESL

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Many of the lectures will be linked directly to activities that will take place in the field:

  • Introduction to the Barrier Island-Salt Marsh-Lagoon System
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Barrier Island Geography
  • Salt Marsh Ecology
  • Biological Oceanography: Phytoplankton and Zooplankton
  • Biological Oceanography: Meroplankton and Larval Ecology
  • Benthic Ecology
  • Seagrass Ecology and Fish Diversity
Field Trips

A large majority of the student’s time will be spent exploring and learning about the barrier island-salt marsh-lagoon system in the field. The fleet of boats available at ESL will be used to access these ecosystems.

At the field sites, students will learn methods for collecting organisms and data from these different ecosystems using a variety of scientific tools.

Students pulling a trawl onto a boat

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State-of-the-art dry- and wet-laboratories provide students with an opportunity to view specimens under the microscope, dissect organisms collected in the field, and conduct chemical analyses.

Investigations in the lab under the microscopes

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Students live, cook, and eat together in the dorms. The comfortable dorms provide a large community kitchen, sleeping quarters, outdoor showers, and an amazing outdoor eating area for sampling local seafood. Living together provides a great opportunity for collaborative work (or watching YouTube videos!)

Students enjoying a seafood dinner

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