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Requirements for the Minor

Required Credit Hours: 18

See the Undergraduate Catalog for more details.  Descriptions of the required courses are listed below.  Not every course is taught every semester.  The Undergraduate Catalog and on-line Course Schedule have more information.  

Two Required Courses (6 credits)
Students are to select one course from Group 1 and one course from Group 2.

Group 1:

  • MSCI 330 - Introduction to Marine Science (3 credits)
    or cross-listed as BIOL 330, ENSP 249, GEOL 330
    This course provides an overview of physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes operating in the world ocean.  The interdisciplinary nature of marine science is emphasized, providing an integrated view of factors that control ocean history, circulation, chemistry, and biological productivity.

Group 2:

  • MSCI 331 - Field Studies in Coastal Marine Environments (3 credits)
    or cross listed as BIOL 404, ENSP 440 or GEOL 407
    We encourage students to take this course during the summer following either their freshman or sophomore year.
  • Other field courses of appropriate length and scope may be used to fulfill the field course requirement with permission from the Program Co-Directors.

Elective Courses (12 Credits)
Existing courses that can be used to meet this requirement are listed below. Additional courses may be used to satisfy this requirement with approval from the Marine Science Minor Advisory Committee. Select at least one course of 3 or more credits (inclusive of required recitation section) from the Physical category and one from the Biological category (MSCI 401A and MSCI 401C-E each have a required corequisite recitation section).

Courses that will count for the Physical category include:

Courses that will count for the Biological category include:

A co-requisite recitation section is required for each MSCI 401A and MSCI 401C-E course.

Additional Electives 
Additional electives that can be used to fulfill the 18 credits for the minor include: