Independent Study

An independent study is an opportunity to pursue a topic of interest in more depth than is possible in a regular course. Independent studies may take the form of research (KINE 480 (fall), KINE 481 (spring) or an independent study (KINE 470 (fall), KINE 471(spring)). Each of these courses can be repeated for credit to allow for multiple semesters of research experience for the highly motivated students. KINE 470 is a variable credit course at 2 or 3 credits. KINE 480 is 3 credits.

Selecting an Independent Study Topic (KINE 470, KINE 471)

A topic should be specific enough to enable the student to gather all the relevant material. For instance, nutrition would not be an appropriate topic but bone density alterations due to eating disorders might be a possibility. This course must include a paper since it satisfies the writing requirement in the major.

KINE 480 / 481 Kinesiology Research:

Doing a laboratory research study involving human or animal subjects requires a literature review, forming a research hypothesis, designing a study, securing permission from the Use of Human Subjects Committee or Use of Animal Subjects Committee, doing the experiment, running the statistical analysis and writing the results. One way to shorten this process is to work with a faculty member on a study that is in progress. Such a study would already have a research design and subject approval. Ideally, the research involves several variables and the student would ba responsible for the literature review, data gathering, statistical analysis, and results for just on part of the study. This is a good way to learn advanced laboratory techniques and research procedures while not becoming overwhelmed.

If you wish to do a study by yourself, you will need a faculty advisor who will directly supervise your work and you need to have your human/animal subject use approval before the beginning of the semester.

Other 480/481 requirements include:

  1. Students will meet with their advisor at regularly scheduled times. Faculty members must be present for all data gathering involving human subjects.
  2. Students are responsible for running the statistical analysis as well as writing the results. Studies involving only one variable are the most suitable for student projects that are not directly associated with a current faculty project.