Pre-Medical School Advising

It is not uncommon for Kinesiology majors to pursue careers in Medicine. Although most programs require very extensive science background, your knowledge of the human body and its processes will undoubtedly be essential in your future studies in Medical School. To ensure you follow the correct path of undergraduate study, meet with the Pre-Med Advisor (see below)and discuss your plans and goals. Each accredited program has varying requirements so it is necessary to research the schools in which you are interested but the following programs are listed below.

As a college student preparing for graduate work in Medicine, you should be aware of several steps necessary for admission into Medical school:

  • Contact different schools to learn what prerequisites are required
  • Volunteer at a clinic or hospital
  • Find a doctor who can be your mentor/ meet members of the field
  • Become familiar with issues related to the profession

Learn about the profession and discover why you would be a strong candidate for the profession so that you may properly promote yourself in your application essays.


For more information about getting ready for med school as a William and Mary student please contact the Health Professions Advisor, Dr. Beverly Sher at [[btsher]] or visit the Pre-Med web page.