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Why We're Different

Undergraduate students participate across the range of our research laboratories

Home to the Center for Balance and Aging Studies, which oversees falls-prevention programs in the community

Resources include:

Confocal, laser-scanning microscope

DEXA assessment of bone density and body composition

Gene-expression research

Human Cadaver Anatomy Laboratory

Hypoxia (simulated high altitude) chamber

Public Health studies

Our Kinesiology students examine human health and movement – at the molecular and cellular level, the human body and behavioral level, and the population level. We integrate the many factors affecting human health and well-being through experiences in classrooms, research laboratories, clinics, and communities.

Degree Programs

Our courses range from epidemiology to the physiology of aging to clinical practice. See the Undergraduate Catalog to explore the complete list of Kinesiolgy courses.


Student research takes place in a wide variety of venues and covers a broad range of projects. Many students participate in faculty research laboratories and co-author research papers appearing in peer-reviewed, professional journals.


Our alumni pursue a variety of careers in health-related areas and the fitness industry. The B.S. degree leads to careers and graduate programs in medical school and other health professions, athletic training, and public health. The B.A. degree provides broad and deep training while allowing flexibility to individualize your major according to your goals.

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