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New Falls Prevention Program

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     Evie Burnet discussing new Fall Prevention Program  Evie Burnet
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     Evie Burnet discussing new Fall Prevention Program  Evie Burnet
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     Evie Burnet discussing new Fall Prevention Program  Evie Burnet
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The Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences is pleased to announce the establishment of the Center for Balance and Aging Studies (CBAS) headquartered at William & Mary. A new falls prevention program titled “Keeping You on Your Feet” is the inaugural program sponsored by CBAS. It is designed to provide service to the residents of Williamsburg Landing – and potentially other local retirement communities – along with research opportunities to faculty members and students of our department. In addition, some of our department’s best students benefit from outstanding experiential learning opportunities by serving as research assistants in the program. Williamsburg Landing residents who participate in “Keeping You on Your Feet” are evaluated every six months with a battery of tests including those for balance, muscle strength, and gait to identify individuals who may be at risk of falls. Avoiding falls is important in at risk populations, as falls have been linked to serious injuries such as bone fractures, concussions, and even premature death. Participants will have an option to participate in training to improve strength and balance. Students interested in participating in “Keeping You on Your Feet” are encouraged to contact Dr. Evie Burnet [[enburnet]]. Please see accompanying photos of Dr. Burnet speaking with residents of Williamsburg Landing about our department’s new falls prevention program.