William & Mary Symposia

Undergraduate Science Research Symposium 2010

USR 10

"How does blood flow cause vessel dilation?"
Sarah Todd '10


Undergraduate Science Reasearch Symposium 2009

 Kristen Berberich

"Effect of Shear Stress on Connexin43 Protein Expression in Cultured Arteries"
Kristen Berberich '09


Undergraduate Science Research Symposium 2008

USR o8a  

"Connexin Protein Expression During Early Ischemic Remodeling with Femoral Artery Ligation"
Madeline Wolfert '07


  USR 08b

"Hyperhomcysteinemia Impairs Agonist-Induced eNOS Phosphorylation on S1179"
Blair Ashley '08


USR 08c

 Madeline Wolfert '07


Neuroscience Symposium 2007

Neuro 07a   

"Agonist-induced eNOS phosphorylation is attenuated in arteries of Hyperhomocysteinemic mice"
Blair Ashley '08


Neuro 07b

Madeline Wolfert '07


Neuro 07c

 Blair Ashley '08, Madeline Wolfert '07, Cara Raphael, M.S.


Undergraduate Science Research Symposium 2007

USR 07a  

"Effects of Flow on Gene Expression in Cultured Arteries"

USR 07 Janelle

Oral Presentation of Poster
Janelle Billig '07


USR 07b

"How Do Mouse Carotids Dilate in Response to Blood Flow"

USR 07 Maddy

Oral Presentation of Poster
Madeline Wolfert '07


 USR 07c

Blair Ashley '08


Neuroscience Symposium 2006

Neuro 06a    Neuro 06b

Blair Ashley '08 Invited Guest Presenter



Neuro 06c

 Janelle Billig '07


Undergraduate Science Research Symposium 2006

USR 06a  

Blair Ashley '08


USR 06b

Janelle Billig '07


USR 06c