Faculty Directory

The core faculty of the department consists of 14 individuals, all of whom have a Doctoral, Master's, or M.D. degree in areas related to Kinesiology & Health Sciences.  In addition to being dedicated teachers, the faculty are active scholars and regularly publish in excellent journals across their disciplines and present their work at regional, national, and international scientific conferences. In addition, a number of  visiting and adjunct faculty broaden the department's course offerings and bring added research opportunities to our students.

Evie Burnet

Burnet, Evie
Office: Adair Hall 115B
Phone: 757-221-2776
Email: [[enburnet]]

Charles, John
Office: Adair Hall 114
Phone: 757-221-2773
Email: [[jmchar]]

Deschenes, Michael
Professor and Chair
Office: Adair Hall 404A
Phone: 757-221-2778
Email: [[mrdesc]]


Dolan, Carrie
Assistant Professor
Office: Adair Hall 112
Phone: 757-221-2971
Email: [[cbdolan]]

Harris, M. Brennan
Associate Professor
Office: Adair Hall 110
Phone: 757-221-2757
Email: [[mbharr]]
Webpage: {{http://www.wm.edu/as/kinesiology/mcplab }}

Kambis, Kenneth
Office: Adair Hall 109
Phone: 757-221-2779
Email: [[kwkamb]]
Webpage: {{http://www.wm.edu/as/kinesiology/research/lab-pages/jbarf}}

Kohl, Robert
Associate Professor
Office: Adair Hall 10
Phone: 757-221-1981
Email: [[rmkohl]]

Looft-Wilson, Robin
Associate Professor and Director of Neuroscience
Office: Adair Hall 113
Phone: 757-221-2784
Email: [[rlooft]]
Research web page: {{http://www.wm.edu:/as/kinesiology/research/lab-pages/vascular-physiology}}

McCoy, Raymond
Associate Professor
Office: Adair Hall 111
Phone: 757-221-2783
Email: [[rwmcco]]
Research web page: {{http://www.wm.edu/as/kinesiology/research/lab-pages/biomechanics-lab}}

Sarah Menefee

Menefee, Sarah
Office: Adair Hall 400A
Phone: 757-221-1902
Email: [[sarah.menefee]]


Nance, Julie
Office: Adair Hall 304
Phone: 757-221-
Email: [[jnance]]


Obasanjo, Iyabo
Assistant Professor
Office: Adair Hall 303A
Phone: 757-221-5452
Email: [[iobasanjo]]


Scott, Alison
Associate Professor
Office: Adair Hall 400
Phone: 757-221-2760
Email: [[ascott01]]