Major Writing Requirement

All students must satisfy the Major Writing Requirement described by each department, program, or school. Students must satisfy the lower division writing proficiency requirement (freshman seminar) before attempting the Major Writing Requirement. To satisfy the requirement, the student's grade must be at least a C-. The purpose of the Major Writing Requirement is to ensure that students continue to develop their ability to write in clear, effective prose, which contains sustained and well-developed thought. The Major Writing Requirement must provide students with a series of opportunities to practice their writing, especially as commented upon by an instructor. Each student is expected to complete the writing requirement before the beginning of the graduating semester, normally during the junior and senior years; where the requirement may be met through a Major Honors paper, a senior paper, it may be completed as late as the end of the graduating semester. When a student has a double major, the requirement applies in each major.

These Courses Meet the Major Writing Requirement in Kinesiology & Health Sciences

KINE 352 Nutrition of the Brain
KINE 393 Health Ethics (GER7)
KINE 405 Maternal, Neonatal, & Child Health
KINE 455 Physiology of Obesity (PreReq: KINE 304 or BIOL 225)
KINE 470 & 471 Independent Study in Kinesiology & Health Sciences
KINE 480 & 481 Kinesiology & Health Sciences Research
KINE 493 Philosophy in Kinesiology & Health Sciences (GER7)
KINE 495 & 496 Honors
KINE 498 Internship (PreReq: Kinesiology & Health Sciences Major)