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Testimonial from Nicole Dory, alumnus 2014, about major

In less than a week I will be receiving a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Premed.    Additionally, as graduation draws near I just wanted to let you know how much I have truly loved being a part of this department, and how much I loved every single class I took. 

          The department really offers such a great variety of courses that are challenging but truly make learning exciting.  Unlike many of my peers who I would hear complain about needing to fulfill some annoying course requirement for their major, I never once dreaded taking a single required course and there was always such unique and interesting elective options.  A few courses in particular really stand out in my four years.  The Human Anatomy course offered here complete with a cadaver dissecting lab is by far one of the most incredible experiences I have had in my life and was an opportunity I know few undergraduate students in the country are lucky enough to have.  Courses like Human Physiology, Physiology of Aging, and Cardiovascular Physiology really challenged me; however, I don't think I truly appreciated their worth until I started studying for the MCAT and realized the material I learned in those courses actually prepared me more for the biology material tested than some of the biology courses I took here on campus (particularly systems biology).  Fall senior year I was finally able to get into Health Ethics and Intro to Clinical Practice. NEVER take these two courses off the required list for the premed concentration.  In fact, I truly feel that every premedical student, even if their major is biology, chemistry, or neuroscience should be required to take these classes.  These were the most unique classes I've had at the College and prepared me not only for my academic future but also my future as simply a member of society.  They forced me to contemplate issues I never even thought of before, helped me personally reflect on my own values and beliefs, and better realize what I want to do with those beliefs and values in the future as I enter the real world and hopefully go on to medical school.  I now have a clearer idea of the role I hope to play in my community and the type of doctor I want to be.  Whenever underclassmen from the track team or my sorority come to me for advice when trying to decide what to major in, knowing only that they hope to go to medical school, I cannot speak highly enough about all of the courses I was able to take in the department, every single professor I had in those classes, and the effectiveness of the Bachelor of Sciences program within the major in preparing me for my future endeavors. 


Nicole Dory