Matoaka Boathouse

Come enjoy canoeing and kayaking on beautiful Lake Matoaka!

Boathouse Hours

Monday 3-5
Wednesday 3-5
Friday 3-5
Saturday 2-5
Sunday 2-5

The Boathouse will close at any time due to inclement weather conditions such as, strong winds, rain, snow, thunder and lightning.

Fall semester

Usually the boathouse will open a couple weeks after the first day of classes and closes at the end of October due to water and air temperatures.

Spring semester

Weather is the biggest factor which influences a start date.  If the air and water temperatures cooperate, the boathouse will open a couple of weeks after returning from Spring Break. The boathouse will close on the Wednesday before finals.

Summer sessions

The boathouse is closed during the Summer sessions.

Requirements for checking out boats:
  • Each boat that is checked out requires a college ID be left with the attendant.  
  • If alumni wish to go boating, they can request a letter from the Alumni Office. They show the letter to the attendant and their drivers license would be left with the boathouse attendant in lieu of a college ID.
  • No alcohol, fishing, or swimming is allowed.

The boathouse is near the Matoaka Amphitheater. Follow the gravel road behind Miller Hall (School of Business). Park (college parking decal required) in the spaces on the left at the bottom of the hill. The boathouse is the green concrete block building closest to the lake.

Additional Information

Please contact Randy Drake [[rgdrak]] 757-221-2788