2002: Relationship between water depth and distribution ofcurly pondweed (Potomogeton crispus) in Lake Matoaka.

Mellisa Pensa (Biology), Kate Wilkin (Biology)

During spring semester 2002 we completed a GPS survey of water depth in Lake Matoaka. From GPS-located sites all around the 16-ha lake, we measured water depth and noted the presence/absence of algae and submerged aquatic vegetation. In the lab we created GIS maps of water depth and used the Surfer© program to generate isopleths of similar depth in the lake. In this fashion we created a bathymetric chart of the lake. We also created distribution maps of algae and submerged aquatic vegetation. Although algae tended to be concentrated in the shallow, upper reaches of the lake adjacent to stream deltas, the invasive pondweed Potamogeton crispus was found throughout almost the entire lake. The distribution of other species (bladderwort and coontail) was less extensive.

Lake Bathymetry and Vegetation Distribution Charts, presented here in pdf format.