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Completing the IR major

  • The IR major requires 37 credits

  • Second language requirement

  The IR major requires intermediate proficiency in a modern language other than the native language of the student. The student can meet this requirement in two ways:

- Continuation of the modern foreign language used by the student to meet the College requirement to two courses above the level of 202.  The courses must be taught in the target language.

- Starting a second modern language in addition to the modern language used to meet the College requirement.  The student must achieve the 202 level in both of the languages, and one course over the 202 level in one of the languages.  The courses must be taught in the target language.

A student who is a native speaker of a language other than English should consult with his/her advisor about meeting the IR language requirement using their native language.

 Be aware that you must start your new language as soon as possible after you arrive.  Language courses are in great demand.  In order to take 100 level courses you must be a freshman or sophomore.  You should also be aware that 01 courses are only offered in the fall and 02 courses in the spring.

  • AP/IB credit

    - Microeconomics:  a 4 or 5 on AP or 5,6,or 7 on IB exempt you from taking Econ 101
    - Macroeconomics:  a 4 or 5 on AP or 5,6,or 7 on IB exempt you from taking Econ 102
    - World History: a 5 on AP or 6 or 7 on IB exempt you from taking Hist 192.  NOTE:  if you get a 4 on your AP exam you will be recorded as being exempt from the class but earn no credit.  Under this circumstance you MUST take the course.

Each semester a variety of topics courses in contributing departments are available and appropriate for IR students.  In general these count as Part E electives, but those offered as seminars may meet the Part D capstone requirement.  For current information you should consult the IR web site.