Spring 2020 Electives and Capstones

In addition to regularly scheduled electives, the following are available for the Spring 2020 semester and are appropriate for IR majors - please make sure you have the prerequisites:


ECON 400-03: (24280)  Latin American Development (also GOVT 403-04) (capstone)




GOVT 391-12: (22817)  The Politics of Nuclear Weapons

GOVT 402-01: (22030) Borders, Boundaries and Democracy (capstone)

GOVT 404-02: (23795)  Strategy and Winning War (capstone)

GOVT 482-01: (22052) Geostrategic Thought (capstone)



HIST 221-07: (22012) History of the European Union

HIST 312-01: (21359)  Beyond Recollection in Latin America

HIST 491C-02: (20092)  Great Crisis, 1918-1941 (capstone)

HIST 491C-03: (20788)  Socialism in the 19th and 20th Centuries (capstone)

HIST 491C-06: (22369)  War and Memory (capstone)


Please see the on-line schedule for the most current information about courses offered.