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Fiona Shen-Bayh

Assistant Professor of Government

Office: Chancellors 238, 757-221-1399
Links: [[fshenbayh, Email]] and {{, Webpage}}
Office Hours: By Appointment


Fiona Shen-Bayh is an Assistant Professor of Government at William & Mary where she also serves as a faculty affiliate of the Global Research Institute and the Data Science program. Additionally, Professor Shen-Bayh is a research affiliate of the Centre on Law and Social Transformations at the University of Bergen. 

Professor Shen-Bayh studies the politics of authoritarian regimes, specifically the legal and judicial instruments of power. Her book, Undue Process: Persecution and Punishment in Autocratic Courts, examines these themes in the context of postcolonial Africa and is featured in the Cambridge Studies in Law and Society series at Cambridge University Press. In other works, she examines the challenges of promoting access to equitable justice and the legacies of autocratic rule. As co-founder and co-director of the Digital Inclusion and Governance Lab, Professor Shen-Bayh draws on a variety of digital tools and data to analyze the political economy of development in the Global South.

Her research has been published in the American Political Science Review and World Politics. Shen-Bayh also received research support from the National Science Foundation, the Institute of International Studies, and the Global Research Institute. 

Professor Shen-Bayh earned her PhD and MA in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and my BA in Economics from Vassar College. Previously, she was a Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan.