Writing Process Exercise

This exercise is a great tool for students trying to pinpoint their writing difficulties and the areas in which they need improvement. We suggest that you print it out and take a few moments complete it before coming to your consultation. Be sure to bring it with you and give it to the consultant when you come to the Center.



1. How much time did you spend preparing to write this essay? How much time in writing and revising it?

Hours Preparing:____________________

Hours Writing/Revising:_______________

2. Describe your preparation process. What did you do to invent ideas for the paper, select the ones you wanted to use, and plan some tentative structure for your essay?



3. Describe your revision activities. What systematic changes did you make in your plan or in your drafts? How carefully did you check your style and syntax?



4. What problems did you encounter in writing this paper? How did you attempt to solve them?



5. What would you like to focus on during this consultation?