William & Mary

William & Mary chapter of the NAACP selects Department of History for 2011 Academic Department Award

On April 24, the William & Mary chapter of the NAACP will present the Department of History with its 2011 Academic Department Award.  This award is given in recognition of "the efforts and accomplishments of students, staff, faculty, and local community groups who strive to build bridges across lines of difference and foster a truly inclusive community."

In naming the Department of History as a recipient of this award, the William & Mary chapter of the NAACP specifically cited the Department of History's support of and involvement in the Lemon Project: A Journey of Reconciliation, as well as the role that William & Mary faculty members played in identifying and publicizing significant errors regarding African American history (such as the statement that two black battalions fought under the command of Stonewall Jackson during the American Civil War)  in a widely used fourth-grade Virginia history textbook.