William & Mary

Paul Mapp Receives Two Postdoctoral Fellowships

Congratulations to Paul Mapp. He has recently received two postdoctoral fellowships: the Barbara W. Thom Postdoctoral Fellowship for study at the Huntington Library and a Postdoctoral Fellowship for study at the John Carter Brown Library. Professor Mapp has been working at the Huntington Library since July and will be there through April; in May he will begin working at the John Carter Brown Library, where he will be in residence for the duration of the year. He is using the fellowship time to research and write European Geographic Ignorance and North American Imperial Rivalry: The Role of the Uncharted American West in International Affairs, 1713-1763. Both the Huntington and John Carter Brown provide access to superb collections of early modern documents pertinent to the issues of geographic thought and imperial policy that he is studying.