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Christopher Grasso

Professor, History

Office: Blair 351
Email: [[cdgras]]
Regional Areas of Research: Atlantic World, Early America, United States
Thematic Areas of Research: Cultural/Intellectual, Religion


Christopher Grasso earned his PhD from Yale in 1992, taught at St. Olaf College, and came to William and Mary in 1999.  From 2000 to 2013 he served as the Editor of the William and Mary Quarterly.  He has published A Speaking Aristocracy: Transforming Public Discourse in Eighteenth-Century Connecticut (OIEAHC/ UNC Press, 1999), and articles in, for example, WMQ, the Journal of the Early Republic, and the Journal of American History. He has edited a Civil War memoir for Yale University Press and is working on a biography of the same character: “Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Spy: The Civil Wars of John R. Kelso” (also for Yale).  He is also completing a project of many years, “Skepticism and American Faith: From the Revolution to the Civil War” (for Oxford University Press).  His specialization is American religious history to 1900.