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Nominate someone for the GSWS Student Activism Award!


This award recognizes individuals, groups, or campus organizations who have done outstanding feminist activist work outside the classroom. The deadline for nominations is in March.

Full Description

Have you been impressed by the activist work of a friend or a student group? Nominate them for the Student Activism Award!

Past winners include Laura Andrew, Kim Green, K.B. (Kathleen) Brower, Casey Sears, Cherie Seise and Constance Sisk. They worked on issues such as women's labor, LGBTQ issues, substance abuse, agricultural sustainability, reproductive rights and sexual health education.

Students and faculty are invited to nominate individuals, groups, or campus organizations. Self-nominations will be accepted. Nominations are due in March and should be submitted electronically to the GSWS Administrative Coordinator. Each nomination should include the name and contact information of the nominee, and a one to two page letter describing the efforts and achievements of the person or organization during the year.