Distinguished Thesis Awards

Recipients in the Natural and Computational Sciences

Emily Lynn Richardson, Biology
"Carry-over Effects in Complex Life Cycles: Linking Larval Food Supply with Juvenile Recruitment Success in Sea Stars"


Caitlin Marine McCaig, Biology
“Discovery and characterization of novel sperm development patterns in the nematode Rhabditis sp. SB 347"


Gerardo Ayala, Chemistry
“Synthesis, Structure and Optical Memory Properties of Copper (I)
Thiocyanate Networks with Aromatic Amines, Diimines and Alkyl Sulfides”


Jessica Lampkowski, Chemistry
“Development of a Solid-Supported Glaser-Hay Reaction and Utilization in Conjunction with Unnatural Amino Acids"


William Lawrence Czaplyski, Chemistry
“Synthesis and Fluorescence Studies of pH-Responsive Rhodamine B Derivatives”


Sara Katherine Kampfe, Chemistry
“Processing and Conversion of Algae to Bioethanol”


Alexander Rahn Gunderson, Biology
“Interactions between Feather-degrading Bacteria and Feather Coloration”


Caitlin Rebecca Kight, Biology
“Effects of Human Disturbance on the Breeding Success of Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis)”